In the morning.

In the morning I feel at ease.  The day hasn't come into me yet. I am no more than a bag of breath in the morning. I wake with no opinion. No agenda. No flight response towards the day. I simply am. In the mornings.   I'm not lying to myself yet. Before my feet touch … Continue reading In the morning.

2020 Wish List

2020. The year of vision. Is it just me or is anyone else not seeing the vision yet? I know a lot of my friends have already brainstormed, started, and/or finished their vision boards for the year and I'm just sitting here like... Well! I'm not going to do a vision board or set resolutions … Continue reading 2020 Wish List

Its nothing… really.

I came to the library today to try to find some serenity. Peace and quiet. Space to think and just exist. I normally would go to Barbara Bush library but with it being the start of the new year I wanted to try something new. I did some searching and found the George and Cynthia … Continue reading Its nothing… really.

What are you going to do about it?

I read this on a Twitter post today. The actual quote was: Hmmm... It's gotten me to thinking. For most of us, your twenties are the time in your life where you are a walking fuck up. Everything you do, think, and say, for the most part, is wrong. Of course I don't mean this … Continue reading What are you going to do about it?

Does Straight Pride need to be a thing?

STRAIGHT PRIDE? Photo by Rosemary Ketchum on What would that look like? I’m quite literally asking, what that would look like. Every year around the time for LGBTQ Pride some heterosexual group rears its head calling for the need for a Straight pride event and you have to wonder why this happens every year … Continue reading Does Straight Pride need to be a thing?