I’ve been M.I.A

You know I love you right? I would never do anything to intentionally hurt you. I'm trying to be better I promise, I am. I'm starting to feel like a fuckboy. I keep promising that I'm going to get better with posting everyday. Yet everyday presents a new set of hurdles that prevent me from … Continue reading I’ve been M.I.A

Hers is better

One of the perks of being in our lesbian relationship is the surplus of bonus goodies that come with the privilege. I stay taking her stuff and she stays mad while enabling me to do it. Here's a list of my top favorite things of hers to borrow without asking. T-Shirts I think this one … Continue reading Hers is better

Sunday @ Hamburger Mary’s

So I got a text today that changed my life! My friend Alysia invited my wife and I to have lunch with her at Hamburger Mary's. Not knowing what the place was, I googled it. Glancing briefly at the website I figured the place was gay and lesbian friendly. I assumed that the serving staff … Continue reading Sunday @ Hamburger Mary’s

I cut my hair….Aaaagain

I lay in bed awake late into the night last night debating whether or not to cut my hair. I had just taken down my box braids (shown below) and discovered that I was, in fact, allergic to the braiding hair. I'd tried everything on the hair to eliminate the irritation it was causing my … Continue reading I cut my hair….Aaaagain