Petty and Penniless: Take one!

Nidra Not Nice made it just in time to enjoy an indulgent breakfast of scrambled eggs, smoked sausage, and waffles while we re-capped our experience in the Heights from the previous day. The clouds outside were a beautiful gray and promised rain would soon be here.  With my dog Pepper at my feet hoping and begging for even the smallest of scraps to fall on the floor, and my wife seated happily next to me, I was truly in heaven.

Here’s Pepper. I wouldn’t be doing you, or her, any favors by keeping the reality of her personality a secret. She’s a food whore through and through, right here she’s salivating over my fruit snacks.


After loading up on carbs, we headed to my room to begin watching the Netflix special “The Rachel Divide”. What was supposed to be a session of us hate watching the special and recording our commentary for our first podcast, turned into a two hour delve into “The black experience” and what that meant to us, our lives, and why it was so offensive for Rachel to have done what she did.

So far so good.

The documentary encouraged the kind of conversation we were hoping to have.


We hadn’t made it halfway through the program before the conversation changed from the disgrace Rachel caused the black community to how we have, and are, experiencing the same micro-aggression’s and prejudice Rachel was complaining about. We were both confused by how she could claim to be a black woman yet not identify with the ridicule, oppression and discrimination most born black women experienced for the first time before we could even talk.

We went off the rails. Discussing everything from racism in the form of micro-aggression’s delivered from the tongues of people who “mean well” to the complexities of navigating mixed raced relationships.

By the end of the program we were both sounding very revolutionary black. To the point we both had to laugh at ourselves. Not because the conversation we were having was even remotely funny because let’s be honest, no matter your race you have to admit the black experience in America is the furthest thing from being comical.

We sat back and laughed at ourselves because while Nidra Not Nice is a self proclaimed proud “Woke” woman and I prefer to remain asleep, here we both were diving into the race issue in America as if were were scholars on the subject!

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The documentary had long since ended and here we were still sitting and discussing the injustices we both experience on a regular basis when the device we were using to record our session beeped signaling to us that we needed to start a new feed. We didn’t need to, we knew we had captured some great content. More than enough for us to use for our first podcast. I pulled out our next round of carb heavy snacks to munch while we listened to what we had recorded.

What we heard played back was shocking to us both. It was insightful, articulate, meaningful and from the mouths of two black women, DANGEROUS. While we both agreed that the conversation we had just had was important and deserved to be heard, we also recognized that it is something that we have to distribute responsibly.

You see freedom of speech really is a freedom.

I can’t say with all certainty that I will ever agree to have the whole recording released to the general public. Because as a free woman in America I am also  among the most oppressed members of this society.

What i will say, is that our very first podcast was an illuminating experience into my friends struggles as a black woman.

For now we have decided to release portions of the podcast responsibly to keep our promise to our minuscule audience of releasing content this week. I’ll be sure to update the next podcast topic we choose as well as the release date so if you’d like to listen in you can.

Until next time friends!



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