My favorite Tuesday this week!

It really is the simple things that bring people the most joy.

Having the forethought to lay out my war gear the night before truly helped get me out of the door in a timely fashion this morning. With the extra time I had, I decided to go for a coffee run to jump start my day with an unhealthy amount of sugar wrapped in my favorite delivery system. Chocolate.


I pulled into the parking garage a full half hour early for my mandatory nine hour shift with the intention of catching up on an episode of my favorite podcast before I went in.

I was just getting comfortable when my phone rang. The caller id shows my mom is buzzing in and for a moment I sit looking at the screen contemplating answering the phone. I had been holding off on listening to this particular episode for a while and it was just starting to get good but there my mom’s face was on my caller id, staring back at me in accusatory judgement. A guilt rang through me only a mother could inspire as my fingers lingered over the call reject button. Damn you black mother guilt!

I answered.

I spent 20 minutes having a typical conversation with her before begrudgingly climbing out of my car to make my way into my lifeless workspace. To be fair, I like my job well enough. It pays well, the people are pleasant enough, and I’m not in the heat. The problem is that I’ve become uninspired there. A problem I don’t see getting fixed by changing jobs. I think back on my high school days, and I can remember my English teacher stressing to us the importance of finding our passion in life and then committing our lives to it. Hence,  I’ve finally dedicated myself to finding my passion and figuring out a way to make it profitable.

Writing has been an interest of mine since my first day in that English teacher’s classroom. I can’t describe the feeling I’d get when presented with a new writing prompt. Having it take over me as I created stories that I didn’t even know I was capable of imaging. Always a competitor, after writing what I thought was my best work ever, I’d trade papers with a boy (whose name I won’t share here.) and after reading his works I’d decide I wasn’t happy with mine and I’d rewrite. He’d make jokes with me about it and then try to sneak as he would turn to do the same thing. We fed off of each other creatively, and after a while we would intentionally sit close to each other just to make sharing our work easier. That boy is a popular rapper in some cities now and I can’t say that I was shocked when I’d learned that he made words his career.

If he can do it so can I! I started writing.

I’m up to chapter six in my novel and I’ve dedicated myself to writing something everyday. Even if it isn’t novel related. Things had been going well, but as all things tend to go in my life when they are looking good, it quickly changed. I was in the middle of writing a journal entry when I got a notification on the screen of my laptop.

Son. Of. A. Bitch.

There was no more memory.

The day I saw that notification pop up I was having a particularly rough go of it and I remember thinking to myself, “Why not me too?” at the time no more memory sounded like a good thing. Thank goodness that didn’t turn out. Not willing to let my potential new career and current stress reliever go without a fight, I pulled up my big girl panties and started scheming.

Bank account: zero

Credit cards: maxed out.

Fuck! Could I just buy more space? A couple of google searches and trying to read through a few lines of technical mumbo jumbo,  left me with the realization that building a computer was not in my wheel house.

But, I always think I’m so damn smart so the next thing on my list was to buy removable storage. I took my extra smart self to Walgreens one afternoon to buy some SD cards and a flash drive. If the computer just needs more space to download some stuff I can buy these things and download the files to them. I walked in that afternoon so smug, like I had solved the problem all of my searches had made seem so difficult. I walked up to the display and was even more impressed with myself that the items I had come to buy were actually on sale for %50 off. Can we say, winning!

After checking out with a cashier who was obviously less than interested in hearing about how I was the woman, I headed back home and climbed the three flights of stairs to my waiting laptop. My wife sitting in the bed asked me that day what I was doing, to which I had replied that I had found a solution to fix our shared problem. Her laptop was out of space too. I ripped open the packaging on the SD card I had bought and slid it into the designated opening. After a few minutes the computer did nothing. I figured I just had it in backwards so I took it out and tried to put it in a different way. No, I definitely had it the right way. Why wasn’t this working? Because that’s not how computers work. $30 poorer and disappointed I gave up. I’d started going through and deleting files just to be able to store my work.

Fast forward a month when I found myself complaining to my wife about how slow my computer was moving along with all the other woes of having a laptop with no space. I knew I had a line of credit that I could use to buy a new laptop, but I hadn’t wanted to use it with my bank account being stressed to capacity as it was. I knew I had to finally cave in and buy two new ones though, because my wife is starting school in a couple of weeks. I pulled the website up and for the next hour we sat side by side looking into the specs and features of multiple devices before we decided on one that would work for us both.

I placed the order and started on the emotional rollercoaster that comes free with purchase after every online order.

The wait.

The shipping said it would be delivered by the 16th. Untrusting as I am, I still sat refreshing the shipping page hourly looking for an update on when my new tool would arrive. Almost as if the technology God’s decided to show mercy on me I got a notification this morning shortly after making it to my desk that my new device would be delivered today!

I took a long lunch to come home and pick up our new computers from the office. Once back inside my car, true to my impatient nature, I ripped open the packaging and tried to power on the laptop. Needless to say, nothing happened. I returned to work and spent the next four hours anxiously waiting for the work day to end so that I could go home and start working on my new computer.

I made it home in record time today, made dinner as soon as I walked into the house while my laptop sat charging on my bed. I had just sat down to begin the set up of the new equipment when I looked down to see another call from my mom coming in.

Sorry mom, you’ll just have to wait.

My new friend the Tuesday elf has brought me a new present.


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