The girls will.

So I finally got to hang out with one of my best friends Friday night and it was much needed.

She’s been working hard completing her master’s degree and we hadn’t hung out in a while. I was through the roof when she called last week to say she had some free time coming up and she wanted to spend it with me! Is there anything better than friend food love?

I didn’t realize how much I missed hanging out with her until we were sharing a space together and enjoying each other’s company. I missed finishing each other’s thoughts with song lyrics and laughing at inside jokes, sharing our black experiences with each other and debating solutions. Dinner was filled with us breaking out into song and dance at the slightest provocation and trying to ease the first night jitters of our waiter.

After ordering everything unhealthy and delicious from Cheddars we stopped for froyo before hooking up with Nidra Not Nice back at my house. We spent the rest of the night sitting around like the cast of the 2000’s sitcom Girlfriends talking about a bunch of nothing.

It was everything I needed it to be and more. Would you know it, I actually stayed up past midnight with Nidra Not Nice sampling our fresh batches of Jason’s finest Kool-Aid, and discussing topics for our next podcast after Tinesia had gone home. Which is why I had the late start getting into the library yesterday.

Can we talk about that for a minute?

I finally get my unmotivated self out of bed Saturday morning around 10 to get on the treadmill before beginning my day. After 30 minutes of sweating like a damn pig I shower, dress, eat and I’m walking out of the door full of optimism. I was feeling inspired and excited for what blog I was going to come up with once I made it to my favorite chair in the library, only to get there and find my temple occupied. A quick walk around the unusually crowded space and I find a seemingly quiet corner to post up in.

Not 10 minutes after a sit down, three children excitedly playing computer games begin riffling through grocery bags of snacks. Trying to be understanding, I simply gave them a look and tried to continue with my writing. All three of them begin having a spirited and bothersome conversation as they were playing. “Shush.” I said to them, trying to remind them they were in a library not their bedroom. The children looked back at me like I had lost my damn mind and began talking louder.

What the actual fuck? Was I the only person who could hear them?

How was no one else saying anything about this?

Knowing I’ve been on the verge of popping off recently, I decided to take a lap around the library. Hoping that by the time I’d made it back the children would have piped down. I came back to silence. Thank Goodness!

No sooner than my fat ass cheeks graced the seat of my chair did they start back up again.

My wife must have seen the flames flickering in my eyes as I made eye contact with the main kid who had been antagonizing me. She placed her face in between mine and that of my prepubescent tormentor. “Do you wanna just go?” she asked. The look on her face seemed to be saying “We can get into some straight up gangster shit right now babe, I’m wit it, but I don’t think it’s worth it.” Remembering that I’m the adult in this situation and that it’s not cool to hulk smash someone else’s rude child, I agreed to go.

Back inside the car I damn near broke into tears expressing my frustration that I even have to leave my house to find peace in the first place. My cell phone rang and can you guess who was on the other end of the call?

I answered the phone with irritation dripping from my voice.

*Side note. I must sound like this more often than not because people don’t seem to give a flying fuck about my tone.

“Hey mom.”

We started in on a conversation I was half interested in. Less than halfway through, I gave up pretending to care and sat quietly in the passenger seat the rest of the ride home as my wife continued on with my mom.

I got back to my house and all of the literary genius I was bursting with earlier in the day had gone and I couldn’t focus on anything. A distraction presented itself when my wife came and suggested we take a trip to Wal-Mart. Surely I’d find inspiration there.


I gave up.

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