The lesbians.

I hate my wife.

There I said it.

There’s only really two times a day when I’m happy to see her. When she brings me food and when it’s time for bed. Other than that…


But don’t feel sorry for her. She knows that I hate her and she’s perfectly okay with it because, you see, she hates me too.

Through the ten years we have been together, we have experienced every emotion you could possibly have for another person and we’ve come out of the other end of it side eyeing each other. While I hate her guts, she also happens to be my very best friend. I couldn’t imagine going a day without regurgitating the irritations of my life on her while she stares back at me glassy eyed and clearly uninterested. I get a similar look when she tries to explain to me what she does for a living.

Of the many reasons I decided to create this blog, representation was high on the list. I’ve searched high and low for a lesbian blog that simply chronicles the lives of P.O.C lesbian couples, both married and in relationships, and what I found was sparse. I feel like I have something to add to the club and so I’ve thrown my hat in the ring.

I won’t bore you with the story of how we met and other uninteresting facts about us. Unless you want them.

What I will tell you is that among my rantings, observations, inspirations, and aspirations of being a novelist you will definitely come across on this site, you will also find stories of my everyday life with my grumpy wife.

I don’t have any kind of agenda other than to make you feel something while you read about our simply complicated lives. Maybe I’ll be able to make you laugh every here and there because neither of us have any sense.

I promise I will do my best to give candid unbiased views into our lives, and I’m sure if i’m not being fair she will have no problem clearing the record in the comments below.

It’s time for me to go home for the day so until next time…







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