I’ve been going to the gym! Yay me, right?


For as hard as I have been working out I’ve been eating up everything in sight.

Let’s take today for example. After crushing it in the gym last night and leaving 600 calories behind I went home and enjoyed a sensible dinner of about 300 calories. Not too shabby right?

This morning I had a banana, turkey bacon, and oatmeal, roughly 500 calories. For lunch I decided to bring a California roll I had picked up at HEB the night before and a salad 275 calories. I packed a serving of pretzels and some chocolate gram crackers as a snack 240 calories, and off to work I went. Not even an hour after I got to there I had already gone through all of my snacks and was ready to go wolf down my lunch. I abstained.

Lunch came around and before I even popped the top on my sushi I knew I had made a dire mistake. I didn’t have enough food to get me through the day. I told myself that I had to deal with the decision I made and I would have to make do with what I had. But, before I even began eating, my car was headed to Walgreen’s to pick up more food. More specifically, a granola bar.

I was only going to go inside and grab a granola bar and a diet coke, I swear! But then I saw it.

Calling to me like the voice of an angel, sitting right on a side panel was a bag of dark chocolate covered cherries. My mouth instantly began to water as I could already taste the chocolatey goodness. Not today Satan! I said to myself as I walked right past the panel.

I reached the isle and found the tag for the bar I’d come to get and you won’t believe me when I tell you, there sat a bag of the chocolate covered cherries.

I had already fought this fight once before, could I do it again?

I spent about another 5 minutes walking around the store before I found myself in line at the checkout. The cashier, a woman who I frequently make small talk with on my lunch runs, gave me my total after I put in my rewards card number. $10.31 she told me.

I didn’t even make it back to my car before I had torn open the pack of Oreo Thins and dark chocolate covered cherries I had just bought.


I. Went. In.


Like, REALLY in.

It was like the serving size didn’t exist. Not only did I run through the remaining calories from yesterday’s workout. I also depleted the calories that were supposed to last me through the rest of the day.


And guess what?


…That is until I pull out another form fitting dress from my closet, put it on, and look like this…




Don’t judge me, You don’t know my life!

Til next time friends…

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