Coffee: Zoe Chapter 4

I had just gotten home from the gym when I got a call from Jasmine saying she needed a bois night out. I jumped in the shower as soon as we hung up. Vinnie’s had a promotion on their social media promising cheap alcohol and barely dressed women. I sent the information to Jasmine and she replied back almost instantly with a few drooling smiley face emoji’s. She’s game. I let my towel fall to the floor and I stood naked admiring my reflection in the mirror, a towel wrapped around my body, and water still dripping off my dread locks. No wonder I never had a problem picking up women, with my washboard abs, perfect teeth, and well-toned body women always gravitated towards me. Inside my closet I start looking for something to wear. I try on a couple of outfits before I decide on a pair of ripped jeans with a white t-shirt and my white Nike’s. I’d let my dreadlocks hang free for the night.

With my outfit chosen, I poured myself a drink from my fully stocked bar. Still naked, I intentionally walk in front of the opened window of my condo facing my neighbor’s bedroom. I had caught the 5’6 woman with caramel skin, short black hair, full lips, ass and hips, on more than one occasion watching me from next door so I began to put on shows for her. Some days she’d return the favor and masturbate while I watched her, and when I’d bring company home from the club I’d leave the window open every now and then so that she could see what she was missing. We met in this spot every night and teased each other from our bedrooms. A few times I had gone over to try and meet her in person to no avail. I’ve had a longing for her since the first day I saw her pleasing herself and if given the chance I’d show her exactly what I had in mind for her.

I was about to leave the room when she appeared wearing a white robe, opened just enough for me to see the curve of her breast. I leaned against the windowsill my drink in one hand and running the other across my stomach while I licked my lips. She opened the robe revealing a pair of lace panties that she pushed to the side as she teased the fleshy folds of her pussy. She threw her head back and let out a soundless moan, the palm of her other hand against the windowpane reaching out to me. I stood watching, my mouth watering thinking of how sweet she must taste. She bit her lip and stared directly into my eyes as her pace quickened. Her breathing labored, I had seen this look in her eyes before, she was about to cum. Suddenly, her head shot up, she snapped her robe closed and the curtains shut. I assume her boyfriend had come home early. There went my pre-party fun. I close my curtains, put on my boxer briefs, and go see what ‘s on T.V. while I wait on my best friend to text me that she’s on her way.


“It’s me, let me in.” Jasmine said through the speaker on the call box outside of my gated community. I push the accept button on the panel beside my front door before I go to get dressed. I look out the window, hoping my seductress had returned, instead I’m greeted by the harsh darkness of the night. I prefer to take the edge off before going out. It helps me keep my wits about myself after the drinks have been flowing and the shadowy ambiance of the club begins to distort the faces of average looking women. After the right amount of drinks and bad lighting a sober three is a drunken eight. Ten minutes later I hear Jasmine using her emergency key in my front door.

“Bruh, how are you still not dressed?” She called out as she walked into the house.

“How do you know I’m not dressed? You’re still standing in the living room.”

“Cause I know you, that’s how. How much longer you gon’ be?”

“Chill man, I’m almost done, I’m putting on my shirt now.” I said as I walked out of my bedroom and into my kitchen to find Jasmine doing what she does every time she comes to my house. Eating up all my food.

“Get yo’ ass outa my fridge, every time you come over here you eat me outta house and home. If you stop playing with these lil’ young girls and get you a grown woman maybe you’d have meals waiting on you when you get home instead of drama.” I said playfully.

“Man, mind yo’ business. You ready to ride out or what?” She asked as she put the bowl of fruit she had been eating out of back into the fridge.

“Yeah, let me just grab my phone and we can get up outta here.”


We could hear the music before we made it to the club’s doors around the corner. Barely dressed women and pretty bois, like myself and Jasmine, made up the line outside of Vinnie’s, the spot to be on a Saturday night in the city. We made it past the bouncer, after showing our ID’s and getting the wristbands that said we were old enough to drink. We made our way through the hot smoke-filled room. and found the bar. I ordered my usual drink, a double whiskey neat and looked out through the crowd. The performers were getting ready to go on so the middle of the dance floor was being cleared. A short, thick woman with red hair and big breasts brushed up against me as she approached the bar, making eyes at me that said she was mine for the night if I’d ask. I help her flag down the bartender before I grab my drink and move in to get a better view of the show that was about to begin. We’ve only been inside for half an hour when I spot Jasmine across the room with a woman who is not her girlfriend on her lap. I’ve got to give it to the girl, she moves quick and has good taste. Devine, a drag queen and tonight’s M.C., takes the center of the floor and warms the crowd before introducing the first performer.

A spotlight shines in the middle of the floor onto a masked and cloaked woman crouched on the floor. As the first note of Sacrifice by Black Atlass begins, she pops from the floor letting the cloak fall. Wearing a S&M type black peak-a-boo strappy teddy, her nipples barely covered by metal rings, she begins to walk around the circle seductively touching members of the crowd and lip singing along to the track. She stops in front of a woman sitting in a chair blind folded with her hands tied behind her back and drops to her knees, her hands rubbing up the woman’s bare legs, over her shorts and across her breasts. She spins on her toes and lifts herself from the floor placing herself on the woman’s lap and begins to grind in time to the song. Women began throwing money in the middle of the floor and a member of the woman’s entourage walked behind her to collect her earnings. Halfway into the song the woman takes off her blindfold and I almost choke on my drink. I should have recognized her body, I’ve seen it enough times to have memorized every curve. Her face half obscured by the blonde wig she was wearing but I could still make out who she was.

As she finished her performance I made my way through the crowd towards the talent dressing rooms i.e. the employee restrooms in the back of the club to try to catch up to her. She walked the hallway towards me not noticing me as she moved past talking to the tall muscular woman that had been tasked with picking up her tips during her performance. “That was some show you put on out there. Not as good as the one I saw earlier though.” I’d said to get her attention. She turned and looked at me for a long moment before recognition set in on her face. “If you liked that show, just wait until you see the one I put on later.” She said with the sexy smile on her face that I had been lusting over since the first time I saw it through her bedroom window. “Zoe’.” I said extending my hand to hers. “I know who you are.” She said as she turned and walked away.

I walk back out to the dancefloor to where I had last seen Jasmine. She was still posted up in the corner with the woman from before and they were deep into a kiss that looked like it would escalate right here in the club. I nudged her a few times to get her attention and I pointed toward the bar to let her know to meet me there.  After running into the woman from next door I wasn’t interested in any other woman in the club. Since I wouldn’t be taking anyone home I figured I might as well go home and drink for free. I was on my second drink by the time she had been able to pull herself away. “What’s going on bro?” She asked. The gorgeous woman still with her. The two were holding hands like they didn’t want to lose their sure thing for the night. “Man, I’m ’bout to roll out.” I’d said. “I don’t want to end your night though so I’m just going to call a car to take me home.” “Nah, I’ve gotten all I need outta here for the night. Let me go get the car and we call roll out.” She said.

On the way to the car Jasmine and Nora, the woman who had been attached to Jasmine since we walked in the club, walked ahead of me. We were almost to the car when I got a text from Jasmine asking if she could crash at my house for the night. It didn’t come as a surprise as I’m sure her girlfriend wouldn’t be too thrilled to be woken up tonight by the sound of Jasmine and Nora having drunken sex in their shared apartment.

Me: Nah bruh, got get a room, I ain’t running no brothel yo.

Jasmine: No cash, Leslie checks the statement. Come on man, I’d do it for you.

Me: Fine, but I don’t wanna hear shit and you better not let her outta your sight. I don’t know this girl and if my shit come up missing you paying for it.

As soon we got back to my place Jasmine and Nora disappeared to the guestroom at the back of my townhouse. I showered to get the smell of stale cigarettes and weed out of my skin before I settled in on the couch to binge watch some shows I’d saved. I was almost asleep when I heard a soft knock on my door. I wasn’t expecting anyone and I certainly hadn’t buzzed anyone in. I looked out of the peep hole to see the same mask I’d seen in the club, I opened the door to find my neighbor standing there in a black sheer bodysuit and high heels. For a moment I stood unable to believe my eyes or my luck. “Are you going to invite me in or would you prefer I go back to my place and let you watch me through the window?” She asked. Licking my lips, I grabbed her hands and pulled her into me.

She lead me to my bedroom and closed the door. “Sit on the bed.” She said. I happily obeyed. She straddled my lap her nipples, erect, pointed at my lips. I bend my head to try and kiss one when she places her hand on my face and lifts my head to meet hers. With velvet lips she kissed me, slowly at first, our tongues danced while my hands cupped her ass, hers tangled in my dreadlocks. I wrap my arms around her legs and lift her in the air as I stand. I turn around and lay her on her back softly. I take off my shirt revealing my tattooed torso and she smiles up at me as I take in the round fullness of her breasts. I run my hand from the bottom of her leg up her inner thigh and gently brush it against her already wet pussy. She squirms as my thumb grazed her clit. I lean in and kiss her again, this time more roughly, the hunger I’ve had for her no longer bottled up. If all I have with her is tonight I am definitely going to make it count.

While on top of her I reach down and unsnap the bodysuit. Barely touching her I pull back wet fingers, butterflies flutter in my stomach at the touch of her juices. She moans as I tease her clit with my index finger. Her hands on either side of my head she pulled me in for another kiss. I pull back so that I can watch the faces that she makes as I rub her clitoris with one hand while I lift her leg to my lips with the other. I trail kisses down her calf, behind her knee and to her thigh. I make slow small circles with my tongue on the inside of her thigh as I slid a finger inside of her. Her back arches as she lets out a sound somewhere between a sigh and a moan. I stroke her insides with one finger while I leave kisses across her legs until I feel her body begin to shake. One.

I take my finger from her and place it in my mouth. The taste of her sweet juices makes my already throbbing clitoris feel like it’s going to explode. Not yet. I stand to take of my boxers when, on her knees, she starts to kiss down my chest leaving kisses on the tips of my nipples as she makes her way down to my belly button. I grab the back of her head and force it back, I slam a rough kiss across her lips. I’m not done with my turn and so she’ll have to wait until hers. I lay across the bed on my back, “Come sit on my face.” A sinister smile spread across her face as she climbed my body stopping only to wrap her wet warm tongue around my nipples on her way to my waiting mouth. Just before she claims her throne she looks down at me, her eyes full of desire, I look back at her and bite my lip, I put my hands under her ass and lift her the rest of the way to my anxious tongue. I sit her on my face but I don’t offer my tongue right away. Instead I exhale allowing her to feel the heat of my mouth. Her body involuntarily grinds down in search of my tongue. I lick slowly across her opening and finish a figure 8 on top of her clit. Another moan escapes her lips and she grabs the headboard. I repeat the action four more times stopping midway on the fourth to slid my tongue inside of her. “Aaahh.” She moaned ” Don’t stop.” I continue, my hands find their way to her tits, I tease her nipples sliding my tongue in and out of her as she grinds down on my face as she came again. Two.

Now that I’ve gotten her warmed, I slip into the strap-on I keep in the drawer of my nightstand. She lay on her back looking at the 9-inch member, I’d custom ordered to perfectly match my skin, pointing back at her. He eyes grew wide when she realized that we were just getting started. “Turn over.” Hesitantly she rolled onto her stomach. I slid my hand under her stomach to lift her perfectly round ass in the air. I bring my hand down firmly across it, watching in awe as the spot I had just touched turned red. I slid my hands from her ass and up her back, cup her breast and gently squeeze them. I bring one hand around to guide my dick into her dripping wet pussy, her walls opening to accommodate me. She thrust her ass back into me taking the rest of my dick to the hilt. I almost cum. I grab onto her hips as she throws her ass back, her body crashing into me, moaning in pleasure. I reach down and grab her by her hair the same way I had done so many times before with the women she had watched me fuck. I pull her back, my hand around her throat driving in and out of her pussy, her head back moaning. I feel her body tense up and I drive into her harder and faster. “Zoe!” She screamed as she came so hard her body shook, I held her tighter against me, I lost myself, lost count of how many times she came before I met her. Three.

I open the window and take off my strap. I glance out the to see the curtains open in her bedroom and the silhouette of someone standing looking back at me. I wave, and then join her in my bed. Sure that it was her boyfriend and that he’d seen us, I hope he had at least taken notes. “Are you going to tell me your name now?” I asked as she lay in my arms, body covered with sweat. Instead of responding she kissed me and laid her head on my chest, we fell asleep wrapped in each other’s arms.

I open my eyes to see Jasmine standing over me. Startled I hurriedly reach to cover myself and find that I’m in bed alone. “So, want to tell me what the hell happened in here last night.” Jasmine said as she went to sit on the end of my bed, looking at the mess left behind from last night’s episode.

“No, not particularly. In fact, I’d love it if you get out of my room until I get dressed if that’s okay with you.”

“Chill out, its nothing I haven’t seen before. You really not gon’ tell me what happened with that fine ass girl from the club last night creeping up outta here before the sun came up.”

“Wait you saw her, did she say anything, did she tell you her name?” I asked.

“Woah! Damn man that’s how you pulling. You not even taking names out here. Nah, I didn’t get her name but I got a look at that fat ass she was carrying around.”

“Nah, it’s not like that.” I said ignoring the comment she had just made. “Can you at least hand me a shirt since you’re refusing to leave my room.” I asked. “Say, where’s that girl you had with you. Please don’t tell me you left her unattended in my house.”

“She’s gone, I was walking her out when we heard you and your unnamed freak going at it.

“Well you wouldn’t have had to hear that if you would have taken your freak of the week to a hotel and not used my house as your fuck palace. Now seriously, get out of my room so I can get ready to go open the café’.” I said kicking at her under the covers.

“Fine, but you’re gonna tell me what happened cause it sounded like you was breaking that girl in here.” She’d said as she walked out of the door.

As soon as the door was closed I sprung from my bed to check and see if her curtains were open. Disappointment filled me as I found them closed. “What is your name?” I asked aloud to myself looking to her window for answers her mouth refused to give me. I move to the closet to find something to wear for the day as I try and get the images of last night out of my head. My thoughts interrupted by the whir of the blender starting in the kitchen. Whatever Jasmine is making I hope she’s making enough for two.

After my shower I find a smoothie and a note on my kitchen counter thanking me for letting her crash and saying that she would see me later at the café’. I grabbed my keys and pushed the button to unlock my car as I walked into the garage. I live directly off the freeway and while that does allow for some awesome views of the city from my living room it also makes getting out of my neighborhood a 20-minute nightmare. What would usually have me yelling and flipping off half the drivers I encounter, has no effect on me this morning because as hard as I have been trying I still can’t get her out of my head. I make my way out into traffic and fight my way onto the ever-crowded freeway.

By the time I make it to the café the parking lot is already filling. Inside I find Marcus, Mercedes’ replacement, busy behind the counter, smiling and looking like he was having the time of his life mingling with the customers. Earnest had really come through recommending him and the customers seem to love him. I stopped to chat with him for a few minutes before I slink into my office. The first thing that caught my attention was the picture of Michelle and I staring back at me. It had been here for as long as I’ve had the office and before today I couldn’t bring myself to part with it. Before I settle in to start working, I open the desk drawer and slide the frame in face down then closed it back. She made her choice, now I’m going to start making my own.

I clicked around on the computer for a couple of minutes and finally accepted defeat from the hangover I’d been nursing. With my backpack in tow, I walked to the front of house to let Marcus know I was leaving for the day. That’s when I saw her. As beautiful as she was the day I saw her last. “It’s good to see you.” she said as she approached the counter. My palms began to sweat and my mouth went dry. Questions raced through my mind and for a moment I couldn’t believe my eyes. I took a sip of my bottled water before I was able to answer. “Michelle, what are you doing here?”

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