I cut my hair….Aaaagain

I lay in bed awake late into the night last night debating whether or not to cut my hair.

I had just taken down my box braids (shown below) and discovered that I was, in fact, allergic to the braiding hair. I’d tried everything on the hair to eliminate the irritation it was causing my scalp and I thought I had finally found a brand that would not cause the scabs, itching, and burning.


I was wrong, yet again.

As I took the braids down my edges were coming out along with the braid hair. I could have cried.

I tried to lie to myself.

“It’s just normal shedding.”

“You’re going to look in the mirror after you finish and your hair is going to be as thick and full as it was before.”


I got to my bathroom mirror anxiously holding my breath to find no signs of my precious edges. I’ve been growing my hair out now for about a year and it was my intention to transition and skip the big chop. I guess I fucked that up for myself.

So I cut it.


What do you think? Be honest. Unless it’s not nice, then lie to me. It’s been years since I’ve had my hair this short and I kind of feel like I look like someone’s aunt.

Don’t judge me, you don’t know my life!

Until next time…



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