Hers is better

One of the perks of being in our lesbian relationship is the surplus of bonus goodies that come with the privilege. I stay taking her stuff and she stays mad while enabling me to do it.

Here’s a list of my top favorite things of hers to borrow without asking.



I think this one might be universal. Women can’t seem to get enough of wearing their significant other’s large t-shirts and this lesbian is not excluded. When we go shopping I am always  quick to help her pick out t-shirts because I know as much as I unconvincingly tell myself and her that I won’t end up adding them to my pile of clothes, that’s exactly where we both know they will end up.



Water is water right? Well if that’s the case why does hers always seem to be colder and more delicious than mine? I am known to grab a bottle of water from the fridge only to put it down and pick up hers to finish it for her. Pisses her off to no end.

Junk Food


We go EVERYWHERE together and this doesn’t exclude the grocery store. She roams the isles looking for high sugar content snacks to munch right before bed, and I usually pick up a bunch of fruit and juices. She always picks up all the bomb throw back snacks and keeps a secret stash of bite sized candy bars, chips and dip, cookies and snack cakes in our closet. So it’s no surprise that after I’ve gone through my fruit the same day as we’ve done our grocery run, I’m looking at her with my irresistible puppy dog eyes begging her for some of her sugary delicacies.

Hair Ties


Girls already have a hard time keeping up with hair ties and in our house I don’t make that any easier on my wife. Through the duration of our relationship I haven’t purchased not one single pack of hair ties. Why? Because I ain’t shit.



Now this one, I don’t even understand. Tre, being the fantastical woman that she is, went out and bought me a car because I was being cheap and forcing her to drive me everywhere I wanted to go. Everything I told her I wanted in my next vehicle she saw to it that I had it. So why am I always trying to drive her car? In fact I’ll be in it all next week. I don’t know how she puts up with me.

Until next time.

Don’t judge me, You don’t know my life!





One thought on “Hers is better

  1. It’s sad if we were dogs and I pee to claim my territory it wouldn’t matter.She would still take it….like oh whats this?….SMH…😣😒


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