Who told you that?

There are so many stereotype’s about lesbians that I almost didn’t know where to begin. I did a couple of web searches while trying to do research for this post and it seems that everyone is addressing the exact same stereotypes as if there aren’t a plethora untruths to unfurl. I’m not claiming to be an expert on the topic of lesbian stereotypes but I’ve come across a few in my tenure and I felt compelled to shed some of my truth light on them.

Without further adieu, let the fuckery begin:

1. The right side of your nose is “the lesbian” side for piercings.

Where the hell did this even come from? If this is true I know a whole bunch of lesbians out here lesbian-ing wrong. Piercings, like anything else a person chooses to wear is a personal preference. In my younger days I ventured into the land of piercings and got my nose pierced on the left side of my face. Does this mean I’m not really a lesbian?

2. All gay relationships have a boy and a girl.

The purpose of a lesbian relationship is that it’s two girls. There is no boy in a lesbian relationship because that’s kind of how it works. I’m not going to try to explain why some women choose to wear what is considered to be masculine clothes because there’s too many reasons why. What I will say is that lesbian women like heterosexual women wear what they want and are free to be whoever they want to be.

3. Homosexual relationships are no different than a heterosexual one.

Now this one right here.

Homosexual relationships are totally different from heterosexual relationships!!!! I had to put emphasis on this one.

In the hetero relationships I’ve observed, there’s a man and a woman. The main difference.

Sure the two relationship types have similarities like, we establish daily routines, debates about what’s for dinner, and splitting up chores. But in a lot of ways we are also very different. Have you ever experienced the dynamic of being around two women on their cycles at the same time? That shit’s intense. If you think that it’s tough agreeing to dinner in your hetero relationship, imagine what its like for two indecisive women in a relationship together to accomplish this. The dirty looks we get in public sometimes make it difficult to show affection, something hetero couples don’t have to experience. We argue differently. A lot of times the man in the argument will end the dispute by conceding. With two women, neither of us wants to give the other the last word, a disagreement that may take a heterosexual couple a few hours to get over can go for days in a lesbian household. So it’s amusing to me when I hear hetero women say things like they want to swear of men because being with a woman would be much easier. Calm your tits sis, if you can’t get it together with your man, a woman will definitely make your head spin.

4. Studs / Butch lesbians always wear their straps.

This is another of those things where preference rules. I am not a stud nor am I a woman who makes the choice to wear a strap – on everyday so I won’t comment too much on the assumption. However, it’s absurd to think that all butch women walk around with the plastic appendage dangling between their legs all day. Shit, a more accurate stereotype would be that all butch women carry a backpack with them everywhere they go because it’s carrying their dick around.


I don’t even understand where people come up with this mess! I hear stereotypes similar to this often and while most of the time I can find the humor in them, other times stereotypes can be outright annoying. Do yourself a favor and don’t become someone who circulates the falsehoods of these stereotypes. In this day and age almost everyone  knows a gay person they can safely ask these types of questions. Utilize your local gay source and stay informed. 

Have some lesbian stereotypes you’d like for me to clear up for you? Leave them in the comments below and I’ll do my best to help you out.

Until next time…

Don’t judge me, you don’t know my life!!

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