5 reasons why I love being black, lesbian, and married.

  1. Who doesn’t wanna be black (unless you don’t)? What, with our gorgeously unique hair, popping skin, cultural contributions, and natural affinity for improving everything we touch, I wouldn’t want to be any other race.
  2. The look on traditionalists faces when I reach for my wife’s hand in public or plant a juicy kiss on her lips for the whole world to see. Or when I call her my wife in response to the passive aggressive ” are you two sister’s?” question we get almost every time we leave the house.                                                           nene-leakes-stank-face-real-housewives-of-atlanta-2015
  3. I don’t have to get all dolled up if I don’t want to. My wife loves me flaws and all and I’m here for it! She understands and embraces that some days I will look like the goddess that I truly am, and some days she may get me in my rawest and most natural form, i.e. bomb-lite. Either way she still looks at me with the same adoration and love.
  4. I know this one is cliché’ but my wardrobe really did double once we moved in together. I am able to switch from feminine to masculine simply by choosing which side of our closet I want to dress from for the day.
  5. The interchange of feminine and masculine energy between us. As lesbian women we are often asked who the man in the relationship is, to which we always reply that it’s neither of us… clearly. However, we do both have masculine energy. In dating relationships some lesbians guards are still up and they are reluctant to embrace both sides of themselves, (if they have both, don’t let me box you in. Do you boo boo) I’ve found that since we have gotten married my wife has become a lot more comfortable letting her feminine side show as well as accept my masculine side. (She couldn’t STAND Andre’, my masculine energy, when we were dating. She’s amused by him now.)

Are you black, lesbian, married, a combination of any of these? What do you love most about your combo? Drop it down below.


Until next time…

Don’t judge me, you don’t know my life!!

3 thoughts on “5 reasons why I love being black, lesbian, and married.

  1. Am black and married. I love my comb because Being black and married is the shit plus i can be my whole ratchet self in not be embarrassed about it.


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