The Lion and the twins

I’m a Gemini.

As Gemini as any Gemini could ever be. I am communicative, outgoing, high spirited, sociable and restless. It takes me longer than most people to come to a decision about anything because I have this uncontrollable need to fully vet all possible outcomes before I move forward. This sometimes results in my inability to make a decision at all. It can be difficult to have a conversation with me or even for me to get my thoughts across because my mind runs a mile a minute. It’s like having a constant debate going on in my head at all times. Most of the time I am the nicest, most easy going person you will ever meet but like all Gemini’s, I do have a twin who likes to come out every now and then and fuck shit up for it’s own amusement.

True to the Zodiac recommendation, completely by coincidence, I married a Leo.

Tre is also the physical embodiment of her zodiac sign. She’s a natural born leader which is the very reason I feel in love with her in the first place. Her self confident dominant personality was like catnip to my Gemini and I fell head over heel in love. While she is very warm-hearted, passionate, and humorous with me most of the time, her less desirable Leo traits rear their ugly heads from time to time same as mine.

Together I think we make a pretty great couple. We are each other’s “Yes” men. She understands my need to feel things out and I understand her need to just get them done. We balance each other. I feel like since the day we first met she understood that I bore easily and she has always given me more than enough space to figure out what I want, when I want it, and then throw a curveball and decide I’m not interested in it anymore. Same as I give her the space she needs to create and build. Once she sets her mind on a goal she leans in on it until it is accomplished, even if that sometimes means neglecting the people around her. Where I am a forever optimist, she is a realist through and through, often times to the point of being an asshole and it works for us.

While we both have things that we need to continue to work on as individuals, we make a great team and have an understanding of each other.  I can’t stand her and she can’t stand me but we are happily complicated and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Are you into Astrology?

What are the zodiac signs of you and your partner? Are you traditionally compatible?

Drop it down below!!

Until next time…

Don’t judge me, you don’t know my life!!

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