It’s a beggars world

I just read something on Tumblr that has me… I don’t even know…

It was a post about two women who met on the internet and fell in love. The problem for the two of them is that they live a considerable distance apart from each other. The narrator of the blog post goes on explain that she is suffering from some form of mental illness and cannot live alone and her girlfriend is dealing with some colorism issues in her current living environment. She goes on to explain that her and the woman she has fallen in love with would mutually benefit from moving in with each other because of all of the adversities they are experiencing. The whole post is really reminiscent of two star crossed lovers longing to be closer to each other. I continued to read the post thinking that it was going to wrap up in some motivational story of overcoming life’s obstacles and a plan for them to be together. It didn’t do that.

The post wrapped up with the author asking people for money to pay for her girlfriend to move in with her. She goes on to explain that she needs the money for their first two month’s rent, utilities, and groceries.

Say what?


Okay, first of all, where the hell are these people living in Virginia that they only need $800 for two months rent utilities and groceries.

Second of all, shouldn’t the fact that you need someone else’s help to fund your living arrangements be a huge flashing sign that you two aren’t ready to be co-habituating?

Convinced I’m not the only rational person in the world who read this and had some thoughts, I open up the notes to find an overwhelming outpouring of support for these two ladies along with calls to action for people to donate to their cause.

That’s it!

I’m creating my own damn GoFundMe page to ask for some frivolous shit.

Until next time…

Don’t judge me, you don’t know my life!!

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