How did we get there?

I read an article about an episode of gun violence that took place right here in Houston.

4 shot in Southwest Houston during fight over cellphone


Photo courtesy of KPRC

Looks like one woman took another woman’s phone and told her she’d have to fight to get it back. Somehow some men got involved and someone started shooting, injuring 4 people.

Another day in Houston right…

The story itself isn’t what bothered me. Crime and foolishness happen.

To me, it Just sounded like some immature people doing some immature stuff that lead to reckless actions and caused a tragedy.

After reading the brief article about the incident, I scrolled to the bottom of the page looking for more interesting articles to pass time while I was at work, when I stumbled across the comment section:



For the longest moment I sat at my desk staring at my computer screen in complete disbelief of what I was reading.

No, I won’t say disbelief because that gives the impression that I am not aware of the problem of racism in this country.

I was enraged.

I sat at my desk enraged at the audacity of some people.


I intentionally did not quote the article in this post because I am encouraging you to go and read it for yourself. However, I will tell you that I have read this article on multiple news sites and the race nor nationality of the people involved in the incident appear in any of the articles I have read. Yet, the people who have made these disparaging, disrespectful, racist comments are assuming and bashing black people as if the article specifically stated that all of this occurred by black people.

Now in my opinion, to so readily assume that these events occurred by black people is racist enough on its own, but to couple it with one sided statistics about crimes committed by one ethic group against their own ethnic group and present it in a way that would lead someone to believe that the aforementioned ethnic group is the only group of people who have this problem, sent me on a Google search that would put a lot of my past Google searches to shame. I was HOT!

It is often the ammunition of racists to spout the statistics of crimes committed by black people against black people and, for the first time in my life, I actually wanted to know if there was any truth to what was being put out there. I searched, read, and repeated for about an hour. As the internet is known for, there is data to support any side of an argument and that proved no less true on my quest to find a definitive answer to my “grey” question.

The exact of what I found I won’t go into because again, there is so much conflicting information out there that I don’t want this opinion piece to be mistaken, misconstrued, or misrepresented as irrefutably factual. What I will share with you is that while black on black crime rates are higher than that of any other race against its own, it is not by so much as to be used as a valid argument to support the comments being made in the comments above.

The nerve of people like Captain Tater Puff to indirectly condemn back people to death by cop because black people commit crimes against each other is outrageous and further demonstrates the willing ignorance, and racism of some white Americans. An article I read on  suggests that between 1980 and 2008 52% of homicides were committed by black offenders while 45% of those same types of crimes were committed by white people. If this data is true then shouldn’t that suggest that white people should expect to be murdered by cops at the same rate as black people, give or take a few?

According to  this racist assholes opinion, the reason so many black people are killed by cops is because they are usually in the process of committing a crime when it happens.

So white people don’t commit crimes?

I could sit and argue this point until I’m blue in the face but it won’t help as it hasn’t helped in as many times and ways as this has been said by countless people.

I feel myself getting heated all over again hours after I initially read all of this.

The point of this article is to ask, How did we get here in this particular article?

How did we so quickly jump to the conclusion that the people involved here were black? Even if they were black, what gives any of the cowards who posted these comments the right to say the things they are saying about the people involved? What about the fact that these are people?

PEOPLE got hurt.

What are our thoughts on the comments on this article? Let’s talk about it Sis (or Bro) leave it in the comments below.

Until next time…

Don’t judge me, you don’t know my life!!





2 thoughts on “How did we get there?

  1. People kill people that look like them.

    The end.

    White people have an entire fucking channel dedicated to white on white crime. It’s called Investigation Discovery. If people were murdering each other at such “massive numbers” like they do in Chicago…there would be no black people in Chicago. Racists are going to racist. And why would they give a shit? Black people killing other black people should elate racists, right? Of course I’m being facetious about Chicago, but welcome to the internet.

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