In this world…

So I watched a video today on YouTube entitled Amanda Seales’ Guide to Fuckboys and I LIVED through it.

In her homegirl to homegirl breakdown of what makes a fuckboy, I couldn’t help but laugh through some of her descriptions.

Now I don’t have much experience with fuckboys, or any really, that I can readily bring to mind, but according to her description I do have a few suspicions about the status of some women I’ve come across in my life.

Hell, I have even been caught up in a relationship with a bonafide fuckgirl.

Urban Dictionary defines a fuckgirl as:

“A girl that thinks she’s hot shit. She’s a little conceited and likes to make you think that she’s for real when she’s really just playing with your head for amusement. It’s a game to her and she’s really good at convincing everyone that it’s not and that she really cares about you. She’s the kind of girl that will try to get back with you just to feel like she’s winning against someone else, and so no one else can have you. She might seem to care, and she might even care a little, but she doesn’t really REALLY care. Could probably end up winning best actress award for all the bullshit they fake.”


So (Insert dramatic lip smack), are you ready for Story Time kids?

Fuckgirls are confident, good looking and charming:

Conducive to Amanda’s analysis of a fuckboy, the fuck girl I dated was confident, good looking, charming, and she did in fact did know how to present. I’m from a small town and in my high school days there weren’t many options to choose from as far as lesbians were concerned. So, imagine my surprise when one of the cutest girls in the school sent me a letter telling me she heard I was a lesbian and thought I was cute. This was a time before cellphones. Our texting was folding a letter in a creative way and passing notes back and forth between classes. I took the letter home and was too turnt to find that she liked me because I didn’t even know she was gay before the situation. The next day I made sure to give her my phone number and told her to call me that night.

Fuckgirls don’t give a damn about your time:

True to fuckgirl fashion, I didn’t hear from her and she didn’t acknowledge my presence again for a week. My young unexperienced mind was going crazy trying to figure out what I had done to cause this girl to go distant on me. I eventually put the whole thing out of my mind and started getting ready to go to a school dance that Friday night. My mom was in a rare mood and decided to let me go. Something bomb must have happened because she also took me to go get a new outfit to wear.

I thought I was the shit when I walked into the dance that night with my new tan skirt, white shirt, white shoes, and tan hat. You couldn’t tell me anything honey! I met up with some friends and we hit the dance floor. Since our town was so small there was no such thing as being shy at dances because we all had been going to school with each other our whole lives. I was a sophomore but we were dancing like full on adults. A group of us had gotten together and choreographed some routines to perform specifically for the night and I was over the moon that my mom had actually let me come out. Somewhere close to the end of the dance I saw her walk in with a friend that always seemed to be by her side. (I later found out she was with her cousin.) But as quickly as I saw her come in she disappeared.

Fuckgirls talk in circles:

I showed up to school Monday unbothered and really not paying much attention to anything when she approached me in the hallway. Excited she acted like she could see me again, I chatted her up before class. She complimented me on my outfit the Friday before and gave some weak ass excuse for why she hadn’t called me before. My dumb ass fell for it hook line and sinker. Looking back, that was the first time I started accepting whatever bullshit she fed me and it damn sure wasn’t the last.

After a series of late night secret phone conversations that were about nothing, but back then seemed like everything to me, we decided to “hook up”. At this point I was trying to get her to commit to a relationship but she always found a clever way to dodge the question. Often her method of distraction was to start a session of phone sex and it worked every damn time. There was another dance coming up that Friday and my mom had already told me I couldn’t go but there was no way I was going to miss this chance. This girl would be my second sexual partner and I was READY. That night I suck out of the house after my mom went to work and met up with her at the high school. We snuck off to a dark spot in town and got it in, in the back seat of her tiny car.

After we hooked up that night, what did she do? She went ghost again. I spent days racking my brain trying to figure out what I could have possibly done wrong this time. Sure, I freaked out a little when she squirted on me but that was my first time experiencing that shit. You would have freaked out too. This time her silence lasted about two weeks. As suddenly as she had disappeared she reappeared whispering sweet nothings yet again. She’d started calling me at all times of the night and I’d sit up and wait around. 

Fuckgirls slide in the DM’s

Always charming, always with this way of making me feel like I was crazy for reacting to her flirting with other girls she’d made a game of picking up girls just because she could, and rode them around town. This was the equivalent of sliding in DM’s in our town. A handful of people knew that we were kind of involved including my best friend. It never took long for the news to get back to me. I’d ask her about it and she’d play her little avoidance game once again.

All of these things went down before we were even committed.

Oh how I wish someone had pulled my fast, hard headed self to the side and shook some sense into me because even after all of the obvious signs this girl was putting out, I still pursued a relationship with her and even ended up being able to call myself her girlfriend for all of two weeks. Mind you, this was only after she had gotten into a fight with her parents and she needed somewhere to stay. Also, directly before I found out that she was cheating on me.

This girl was a hardcore fuckgirl, and I don’t even think she realizes it to this day. It only took my simple minded self two years to get this girl out of my system. While I wish that I could say that when we broke up it was the last time I allowed this girl to play these mind fuck games with me, I’d be lying if I did. She reached back out to me a few years later and I almost fell back into the sauce.

She was the first and the last girl I ever let treat me this way. I guess I can say she was a life lesson on what not to tolerate, I appreciate the lesson.

Have you been involved with a fuckgirl or fuckboy? Do you believe girls can be fuckgirls?

Let’s talk about it! Leave it in the comments below.

Until next time…

Don’t judge me, you don’t know my life!!


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