The Kelly Connundrum

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve heard that the self-titled Pied Piper of R&B is in the spotlight once again for… you guessed it, accusations of sexual misconduct. Since 1994 there has been speculation over whether or not R. Kelly has been involved in inappropriate acts with minors beginning with the odd relationship between the then 27 year-old musician and 15 year-old singer Aaliyah. While many people believed Kelly and Aaliyah were having a secret relationship, and even went so far as to get married while Aaliyah was underage, it could not be proven as the marriage certificate states the singer was in fact 18 at the time of the short lived nuptials. This was just the beginning of R. Kelly’s troubles.

Perhaps the most memorable of his offenses, for me, were the allegations of the existence of a sex tape featuring the singer and a then 14 year-old girl where he allegedly urinated on the child. After a trial, Kelly was found not guilty of the charges in 2008. This story was everywhere, it even went on to be referenced in episodes of The Chappelle’s show and the animated show The Boondocks.

Here’s a clip parodying the singer’s legal troubles:


I don’t remember a time when R. Kelly was not in the media regarding rumors of sexual misconduct. In the past 24 years there have been at least 3 women who have come forward with stories of his bad deeds.

More recently Kelly has been in the media for allegations of running a sex cult and holding women against their will in his rental properties. In 2017 two women came forward accusing Kelly of emotional abuse that included the singer dictating their every action from basic hygiene to sex acts. One woman even came out to say that the singer was physically and mentally abusive to her and had coerced her into sexual acts with other women.

The recent accusations prompted Kelly to address the rumors in a 19-minute song titled I Admit. In the song he goes on to detail a list of transgressions that include cheating on a girlfriend, his troubles with reading, having sex with both older and younger women (he seems confused as to why he’s being labeled a pedophile for the latter), and a slew of other “sins” he has committed.

Again, none of these things should be surprising to you. So what’s the point of reading all of this?

Well let me tell you. *Insert dramatic lip smack*

The singer’s brother, Carey Kelly, has decided to not only create a response song to R. Kelly’s I Admit, titled I Confess, he has also decided to put the rest of his brothers business on blast! In the almost 3-minute diss track Carey tells the world how he feels his brother (R. Kelly) prevented him from making it in the music business, cheaped on out their mothers final resting place, dates men, and knowingly spreads STD’s. He claims that there is no animosity between himself and his brother but if this is brotherly love, I don’t want any parts of it.

As if all of this wasn’t enough, Carey recently accepted an interview where he shares speculations that the singer molested their 14 year-old cousin who later had a child suspected to be R. Kelly’s, calls the singer “demonic”, and surmises the reason his brother is going down the path he has taken is due to his own experience with sexual abuse as a child.

All of this has been said with no ill intention towards his brother though. Rrrrriiiiggghhhtttt.

giphyWhile I can commend Carey for calling his brother out on his shit, I don’t agree with the way he decided to try to make Robert take responsibility for his actions.

I can’t help but feel like this is less about making the singer atone for his transgressions and more about capitalizing off of his brother’s fame and promoting his new book, which I won’t name here because I’m not trying to actively be a part of the problem.

In blasting the singer for his alleged sexual misconduct with their then 14 year-old cousin he also drug her into the media. People all over the world will be trying to figure out who he is talking about. Not because they want her side of the story, are genuinely concerned about her well being and that of her child, or to find out the truth. They will be seeking her out to shame her, blame her, and drag her through the mud. If Kelly did these things to her, hasn’t she suffered enough. Didn’t she deserve to not have been dragged into this?

I am one of the seemingly few people who believe that R. Kelly is guilty of all of the things he has been accused of doing with both young and older women alike. I believe he should have been in jail a long time ago for the things he has been accused of. It is my opinion that a hit dog will holler (R. Kelly’s long ass defensive song admitting to everything and nothing), and five people can’t tell the same lie on you in the same way.

Hell, for the sake of voicing unpopular black opinions I think Michael and O.J. were guilty of their respective accusations too, FIGHT ME!

I digress, I feel that if it was truly Carey’s intention to help his brother he would have taken this information to the proper authorities to be investigated instead of exploiting his family’s dirty laundry for all that it is worth.

What are your thoughts on Carey Kelly exposing his brother, seemingly for his own gain?

Leave it in the comments below!

Until next time.

Don’t judge me, you don’t know my life!!

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