Will bringing a sex bot brothel to Houston reduce human trafficking in the city?

After reading a report on the Houston Chronicle’s website I’m not able to be as tongue in cheek as I originally aimed to be about the topic of sex bots and brothels in Houston. I mean there are so many ways I could choose to write this article and a lot of my thoughts were leading me towards humor but, in doing some research on human trafficking in Houston, I don’t find the topic as funny as I originally thought.

What changed my mind about the direction of this opinion piece?

I’ve learned this evening that in 2017, a study was conducted by a researcher at the University of Texas where it was reported that an estimated 313,000 people in the state are victims of human trafficking and 79,000 are minors. What the hell?

The article, Houston is an epicenter of human trafficking written by Roy Kent goes on to state that 25% of people who have been trafficked in the United States are in Texas, while 22% of people being trafficked have traveled through Texas. At these rates it’s no wonder the idea of having robot sex brothels right here in Texas is causing a lot of concern. By sheer numbers this would indicate that I run across a victim of human trafficking at least once a week. At least once in seven days I encounter someone who is not at liberty to decide what they will and won’t do with their body that day.

I originally came across the article Could a sex robot brothel open in Houston? Your questions answered by Syan Rhodes while conducting one of my infamous Google searches (I told you guys, it’s deep between Google and I.) The title caught me just as I was about to shut down my laptop for the night. I thought for sure this would be more of the same click bait I have been falling victim to, but as it turns out this was a real article about a real proposal that the city is looking into.

According to the article, Kinky S Dolls, a Canadian company, is hoping to bring the first robot sex brothel to the city. Mayor Turner has already reached out to the city’s legal department to find out what city ordinances, if any, apply to the company. The location is still unknown as are a lot of the fine details of the operation.

While there isn’t much more information to be obtained on the issue, just the idea that this could possibly become a thing made me wonder if this would be a good thing for the city and even reduce the rates of human trafficking. On one hand, having a legal sex bot brothel could serve to reduce the amount of people seeking sex from prostitutes. By this theory, that should also reduce the rates of sexually transmitted diseases as well as violent and non violent sex crimes. On the other hand, it is being argued that having this type of business operating legally in the state would only serve to increase the already excessive amount of sex crimes and could even possibly work against the city’s effort to lower trafficking rates.

I could sit here and postulate all night but the fact of the matter is, a solution to this city’s trafficking problem is desperately needed and if sex bot brothels is that answer then bring em’ on!


Do you think sex bots will help in the fight against human trafficking? Let’s talk about it. Leave your comments below.

Until next time…

Don’t judge me, you don’t know my life!!!



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