I made it through the day, now what?

As you can tell from the previous posts, today has been a hard day to get through but I’ve made it home from work, eaten and gotten comfortable on the couch without cursing anyone out or crying again.

I’ve been meaning to sit down and watch Nappily Ever After to do a review but I ended up using my whole weekend hanging with my extended family and watching Straight Outta Compton. So tonight, I watch!

I’ve read a few reviews and they all promise an insightful journey into a black woman’s psyche as it pertains to her journey with hair, relationships and personal growth.

We’ll see.

I have high hopes for the movie especially since it has Sanaa Lathan as the lead but I’m not going to get my hopes up too high as most of the movies I’ve seen recently because of great reviews have been trash in my opinion.

Like the aforementioned Straight Outta Compton.


After the dissertation I wrote earlier, I won’t keep you too long. I plan to have my review of Nappily Ever After up in the next few days.

If you’ve seen the movie already I look forward to hearing your opinion of it too.

Until next time…

Don’t judge me, you don’t know my life!!!

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