Olive Oil,Yogurt, Avocado, Eggs…

I was mindlessly scrolling through Facebook when I came across a video about about the amount of chemicals not listed on African American hair care products and some of the dangers associated with using them.  The video did what is was created to do:

  1. Scare the hell out of me
  2. Inspire me to do some research and find out exactly what I’m putting in body.

To the Google!

I searched a few things:

  • What African American hair care products have the most toxic chemicals?
  • Top toxic black hair care products.
  • What are the most dangerous hair care products for black women?

And can you guess what came up?

A bunch of nothing!

Sure there were links to websites that promised the answers were just on the other side of a click, but I continued to land on pages filled with empty promises. I didn’t even have the patience to continue to try and find answers to the question no one wanted me to find.

One thing I did learn is that while there’s hardly anybody willing to come right out and make a comprehensive list of products to avoid because of the claimed cancer causing properties, plenty of people seem to have the answers on how to avoid them.

Stop using manufactured hair care products is what they all suggested in some form or fashion.



So, I changed my approach and searched instead:

  • Best natural ingredients for natural hair care
  • How to make your own natural hair care products at home

This search turned up information I could actually use.

From the looks of it, I can use things like Shea butters, olive oils, coconut oil, bananas, apple cider vinegar, yogurt, honey, and a bunch of other things I already buy from the grocery store to create my own hair care line in the kitchen. Now while I haven’t dug all the way into the amount of effort it is going to take to create these concoctions, at first glance a lot of these seem pretty easy to make.

Maybe I should at least try to make, and use, all natural ingredients in my hair for a little while and see what results I get,

and if this would be a sustainable option for me. After all, who hears the words cancer causing, and toxic chemical, and doesn’t at least consider trying to make a change for the better?

So now that I have my mission the question is, will I follow through with doing the research on these natural alternatives to hair care?

If you’ve been keeping up with me, you’ll remember that I cut my hair off a few months ago due to some breakage and an allergic reaction to some braid hair that left me bald in spots. While I made the decision to not put a relaxer in my hair when I first cut it, I didn’t go into this consciously making the decision to “go natural”. As it turns out, with my waning self-esteem I honestly stopped giving two craps about going through the process of slathering relaxer on my scalp every two months and instead opted to condition it really well and top it off with some hair gel every morning.

It’s been nice if I must say so. Bonus, I’ve left my hair scarf for a satin pillowcase and I must admit I’m loving the ease of my condition and go’s and slicked down styles.

I digress.

For now I am interested in trying to make my own hair care products at home, or at least learning how to.

If I do make the decision to try would anyone be interested in following the process?

Are you using all natural ingredients to care for your natural hair? If so, do you have any recommendations for easy things I can try?

I can’t wait to read about it in the comments below.

Until next time…

Don’t judge me, you don’t know my life!!!

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