Living Movie

While commuting to work this morning I allowed my brain to drive my thoughts.

“What would your life look like as a movie?” I asked myself.

After replaying the bits and pieces of my inconsistent childhood, tumultuous adolescence, the growing pains of my young adulthood and, my now hyper responsible current existence, I realize that I have done a lot of living. But I never noticed it until today.

Until today, I had been living in the mindset of waiting to get started living my life. Wondering, as recently as yesterday, when my life would begin? When would I get to the point where my life made a picture. Not realizing or appreciating the things I have accomplished and the journey I have already taken.

During this random odd moment of self reflection I recognized that while I have been obsessing about my weight, financial status, family stress, work pressures, and all the other things I complain about on a daily basis I wasn’t being grateful for the amazing life I have been living.

Looking back brought clarity.

Today I acknowledge I have become the person I set out to be. From the career I saw myself in, to the level of responsibility and maturity I wanted to reach, I have become who I set out to be.

The power of the tongue and the influence it has over your life is a force indescribable and undeniable.

I am the author, producer, and director of my life.

I’m glad I watched my life today.

Have you watched yours?

Until next time…

Don’t judge me, you don’t know my life!!!

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