Come and Gone – Day 2

As soon as I woke up yesterday the first thing I did was roll over and reach for my phone. I desperately want to say I had done so to check the time but, honesty must prevail and so I admit, it was to check social media. It took me a few minutes to remember that I had deleted all of the apps from my phone. For a brief moment I felt really bummed at the idea then I looked up at the notification panel to see that despite me not putting my phone on the charger the night before I still had 70% battery. Cool!

I rolled out of bed to get my day started. I usually scroll through pages and check notifications while paying tribute to the porcelain gods in the morning’s but that wasn’t an option now. I sat there trying to remember a time before cell phones and what it was that a person used to do to pass that time. Out of boredom or withdrawals from media over stimulation I landed on playing candy crush.

Once this was all done and behind me I remember feeling like I didn’t know what to do with myself. With nowhere to check into, no notifications to review, no funny memes to share, tweet, or pictures to edit and add to my Instagram I didn’t know what to do with my day. So I decided to go and antagonize the dog. It didn’t take long before I remembered that I had all the documents I needed to file my taxes. Since I had all sorts of different tax situations going on last year I wanted to get an early go at it so I could see what all the different outcomes would be and make the best decision on how to file. This was difficult to say the least.

I always file by myself and in previous years it only takes me around 30 minutes or so since we live a pretty vanilla life, but O.M.G., this year was intense. It seemed like I needed more documents and forms than any process should ever take. But then again, dealing with the federal government has never proved to be a simple task. Still, after running all of our scenarios through the software  the outcome was looking bleak for us. I kind of already knew it would though. I persevered, and after almost two hours I wrapped up and hit submit. While on one hand I was so glad to be done looking at numbers and forms, on the other hand I was uncertain what to do next.

The gym!

I’ve been going pretty strong so far, granted I’ve just started going back. Wednesday was leg day, Thursday was arms, and Friday was whole body, so I told myself I would only do cardio on Saturday’s and Sunday’s since I have a treadmill at home.

I had deep cleaned my house and rearranged my living room in anticipation of a girls day brunch last weekend so I had put the treadmill back out in the storage closet on my patio. With my arms and legs aching, the idea of pulling it out and bringing it back into the house instantly filled me with dread so, I decided to just hit the gym in the apartments. Tre was supposed to come with me but she was freaking out about, what turned out to be, an imaginary massive amount of homework, so I went by myself. Praise be to hallelujah! The gym was empty so I had my pick of all the worn down equipment.

I put in thirty minutes on the treadmill and that was supposed to be it but I felt so good afterwards I decided to capitalize on my already warm muscles. I hit it hard, again. And an hour and a half after I had started, I was walking out of the gym a little nauseated but  generally feeling pretty good with the work I had put in. I got back to the house just as Tre was wrapping up with homework. After a few minutes of being back in the house I was growing anxious again wondering what I’d do next with no social media.

I realized how much of my time scrolling through feeds took in my day but I didn’t really notice how often I had my phone in my hand. So many times I caught myself grabbing it to scroll through the app pages and then put it back down when I remembered I didn’t have any media apps to visit. It makes me think back on all of those memes that show off perfectly manicured mansions, or beautiful log cabins nestled in lush green trees and surrounded by a serene blue lake, with a caption “Could you give up your cellphone to live here a year for free?” All those times I’d scroll past thinking, without hesitation, “Hell yeah I could. Bye bye phone!” but here I am, over here feening for a shot of mildly funny memes, overused inspirational quotes, and which character are you quizzes, to fill my day.

Tre offered a temporary solution to my growing boredom. She needed to go to the beauty supply store for shampoo. This worked out perfectly because the beauty supply is like my church. I am calmed by the products, hair extensions, and make-up selections. Oddly enough for my character, the more “hood” the store the more relaxed I become. While she shopped around for a special kind of shampoo that her mom recommended, I got all engulfed in the blow out kits they had. Whenever I reach this level of boredom my hair always pays the price. I decided, right there on the spot, that I was going to blow my hair out! Surely this would take up oodles and oodles of time, so I grabbed the supplies I needed and headed to checkout. Tre didn’t find the shampoo she wanted so we ended up having to go to the grocery store. My second favorite place on earth. While she continued her search I, much like the character Dory from Finding Nemo, got distracted by all the hair care, skin care, and nail care products and found myself in the false nail section.

She found what she had come looking for and found me struggling to make a decision between two types of false nail extensions. We spent so much time evaluating each brand, it turned into an all out try on session. she’s picking up different kinds, showing me, telling me about the colors and designs, I’m doing the same to her, it got out of hand. Ten minutes later we landed on a set of sporty short burgundy and gold press on’s and got our asses out of the store, $100 later.

Back at home, I started on the process of blowing my hair out. First step was to shampoo all of the old product from my hair, step two was to deep condition, and step three was apply blow out creme and blow dry. Follow up with a flat iron for silky smooth hair. By the time I finished, my hair was in fact straight and silky to the touch until I got to my ends. They were frizzy and weird. After some evaluation I figured I probably needed a light trim since I had been wearing a lot of wash and go styles on my twa.

To the scissors!

I trimmed and flat ironed as I went. My curls were definitely looking a bit livelier but my ends were still very frizzy so I decided I would do a wrap on my hair and tie it down. This usually works when my strands start being extra. The plan was to take down the wrap this morning and do a light flat iron to put a little curl to the ends. I may even come up with a hair style cute enough to wear to work next week.

Completely distracted by the softness and length of my newly blown out hair I did something unconscionable. I used a creme based product to wrap my hair, the ends instantly started to revert back to its naturally curly state. The three hours I had just spent on getting my hair straight went down the drain just like that. I picked up my phone again and went to my online church, Youtube. I watched video after video for suggestion on what to do next. Irritated with my own dumb ass decision I ended up tying my hair down and started getting read for bed at a whopping 9 p.m.

I really really want to tell you that after all that, I was finally resolved in not having social media to scroll through but I was not. I went to lay in bed and true to form, picked up my phone to check for notifications.

As ashamed as I am to admit. I have grown addicted to my cell phone. All day, no matter what I was doing I was thinking about my phone. I was worse than Pepper when she hears a car alarm. Every time I heard a “ding” or notification I was grabbing my phone to see if it was a like, or a share, or text. My phone causes a lot of anxiety for me.

I needed this media break more than I realized.

Well, as I am writing this, it is technically day three of no social media Adreanna blackout. I guess it’s time to get this day started and see if I do better today than yesterday.

Have you done a social media blackout? What was it like for you? How long did you “unplug” for? Would you do it again? I’d love a distraction, tell me all about it below.

Until next time…

Don’t judge me, you don’t know my life!!!

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