Trigger warning with Killer Mike – Netflix Original “F**k School”

In the second episode of “Trigger Warning”, Mike decides to take on the public school system.

Operating on his opinion that the school system is not teaching today’s youth things they could benefit from in society, Mike sits down with a group of first graders to see where their heads are in terms of life goals in the workforce.

He opens with the question “Who likes school?” The fairer skinned children’s hands immediately shoot up as opposed to those of the darker complexioned children’s. When asked why the brown skinned children did not like school, one child’s response sends Mike into an unexpected lesson in self love, while he simultaneously has to bring awareness to a young white child of his privilege, and refused to acknowledge it in this setting.

During a series of questions directed towards the children it is made apparent the gap of aspirations between non white children and white children. When asked, a white child goes on to list a multitude of future career goals that he has already set for himself such as an astronaut and scientist who cures cancer at the tender age of six, while the non white children’s aspirations all center around a common theme, doctor and president.

After learning that the children all have very ambitious, yet improbable  goals Mike introduces them to a career handyman to teach them a few trade skills. Afterwards he goes to have a sit down with the school’s principal who does not share Mike’s enthusiasm or views on teaching children trade skills in elementary schools. She suggests the programs would be more beneficial to adults, presenting Mike with a challenge to find adults who are willing to learn a trade.

Mike performs a street survey to find unemployed adults willing to talk about learning trade skills. After putting together a mixed panel of adults and asking them the same question he asked the children the results were, expected. The ethnic participants all had aspirations to be in the entertainment industry while their white counterparts had more practical goals like creating investment opportunities.

After speaking with the adults and issuing a practical skills assessment that resulted in disappointing sores, Mike challenges himself to find a way to teach adults a trade in a way that they will want to absorb the information.

To accomplish this, he enlists a team of adult film actors and actresses, a sex therapist, and a handyman to help him film an educational porn.

While I appreciate Mike’s views on learning a trade I’m not entirely sure that going to the extreme of creating a line of educational porn is necessary. I learned a trade both out of necessity and desire. Do you think the porn will be effective in teaching adults a new trade or get them interested in learning one? Do you have trade skill? How did you learn it?

Leave your comments down below!

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