And the beat goes on – Day 4

Hands down. Yesterday was the hardest day for me so far. I thought I had this no social media thing down but oh boy was I wrong. Our new management office is finally out of construction and yesterday was moving day.

For some reason I thought moving day would be a good day to do a full face of make-up. It came out really well if I must say so myself.


This picture was taken after we had been moving or several hours but as you can see it still looked pretty good.

After moving at break neck speed to make sure everything was packed up and ready for the movers who were scheduled to be there at 9 a.m., I had literally nothing to do. If I had spent more time preparing for the day ahead instead of pointlessly applying make up I might not have been tempted as many times as I was to re-install Tumblr. That really is the only app I sincerely miss. I could do away with all the others but Tumblr is home to my weird little heart. Regardless I remained strong.

While the guys loaded up all of our equipment, furniture, and odds and ends, my co-workers and I sat out in the lobby with nothing to entertain ourselves but each other. Usually when I find myself in these types of situations with them, I pull out my phone and surf the web. We are all friendly with each other but, not all the time do I want to be included in the shenanigans that go down. Plus, a good bit of the time they are roasting each other under the guise of loving guidance and once someone’s feelings get hurt, they like to pull me in to assign fault or cosign. I didn’t want to be involved in it on a regular day but what else did I have to do at the moment?  For two excruciatingly long hours we sat and made small talk. If there is anything worse than idle small talk, I don’t want it anywhere near my life. We started by covering the weather and ended up on a R&B musical stroll down memory lane once we learned the youngest person in our office was not aware of the greats like Toni Braxton, Babyface, and Jodeci.

The blasphemy! I know.

Once the majority of our things were loaded into the truck we decided to make our way down the street to start setting up. I hadn’t been to see the completed office and was pleasantly surprised by what I walked in to. Not only is the lighting off the hook for a selfie addict such as myself,  but it is quiet and in an isolated part of the building. For the briefest of minutes I had something to occupy my mind long enough to not be obsessing over what I was missing on social media. That lasted about as long as it took for me to remember that I still had to wait on our things to be unloaded from the truck. In the interim I still had nothing to do.

With my normal lunch time nearing I was also starting to get more than a little bit cranky because who likes people when they are hungry. I mean, people other than the one’s preparing your food for you at least. We all were feeling the effects of the hunger demon and it was starting to show. BAD. After the crew got most of the larger items into the office I convinced the rest of the team to go ahead and break for lunch. We were clearly starting to get on each others nerves and I knew we could all use the time away from each other.

With everyone out of the office I was left with just myself and my racing mind again. I was able to calm it down somewhat by starting “The Cool Kids” on HULU. Not really that great of a show if you ask me but hey, check it out for yourself. The show did at least serve for great background noise while I started rummaging through my boxes of stuff trying to find things that could be set up before the reconstruction of my desk was complete.

The rest of the day went on like this. Moments of being very busy, quickly and unexpectedly turned into long spans of unfilled time where I fiendishly searched my phone for a form of entertainment that I knew wasn’t available to me. I have to find, and keep, something with me at all times to fill that void. I was closer to re-installing apps on my phone yesterday than I was the very first day I got this thing started.

On the flip side. I have been blogging more and my attention to what I am writing is improving. I’m not stopping between sentences to check notifications, respond to text messages, like, or share, which has made it significantly easier to complete my thoughts. Its still a work in progress but I am noticing a difference so far. I haven’t felt overwhelmingly anxious since I got started on this journey either. That’s an unexpected yet welcome side effect. Sure, I do still have moments where my mind takes me down a doom spiral but they aren’t lasting as long as they were or occurring as often so I still count it as a win.While it has definitely been hard these first few days, I am recognizing some benefits of my disconnect.

Well, it’s late and today was a big day too. I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow after I come from the gym. Love you for reading.

Until next time…

Don’t judge me. You don’t know my life!!!

2 thoughts on “And the beat goes on – Day 4

  1. Look at you sis! Talk about a work day full of accomplishments. And her I am getting through a whole week and not calling in. Fk Yea Progress!


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