I reserve the right to change my mind.

A part of me taking time away from everything was to focus on my aspirations and figure out what I want to do with them. One of the things I was really contemplating was becoming a realtor. It just seemed like the next logical step for my career path. The allure of the commission checks rolling in and the freedom to set my own schedule played a major part in my interest and all signs were pointing towards “Go” until today.

It was a particularly slow day at work so fucking around in each other’s offices was the theme of the day. I found myself in my co-workers office trying to help him find new decorations when the topic of real estate licensing came up. I knew he had begun taking classes towards becoming licensed and I had been meaning to pick his brain about the process. Of course I had done some Google searches on my own, and had even reached out to some broker houses to get more information on the process, but nothing that I had found on my own served to satisfy my thirst for knowledge. Talking to him turned out to be very enlightening and by the time we wrapped our conversation I was ready to go sign up for online classes.

As soon as I got back to my desk I went straight to Google to find the school my he had recommended. I quickly found the site and was presented with a wealth of knowledge right there on the home page. After reading everything there, I had more questions than I had before I logged on. If I was going to be spending $1000 or so on getting my license I needed to know what kind of employment opportunities I would have once I obtained the magical piece of paper that said I was authorized to sell houses. After all, everything that I had read about life after getting your license assured some sort of learning curve in which your earning potential would be greatly minimized. Not to mention all the fees associated with the first year like advertising, continuing education classes, exam fees, registrations, client lunches, desk fees, etc.

I found out that there are quite a few jobs you could get as a licensed realtor but after all the searching what really stood out to me was that I am not interested in any of it.

I think what really got me was with all of the career options I found, only a few offered a future of  independence from a 9-5 job. And of those, you still had to work with or under someone else for a while before you could branch out on your own. The main selling point in me being interested in a career in real estate was the opportunity to become my own boss, and after today, I realize how difficult and long that process would be and I don’t love real estate enough to fulfill or sustain a career in the field so….

Getting a real estate license it out of the window.

I did get something helpful out the day though. In the midst of all the searching I realized that what I really want to do more than anything is write. One of my biggest hang ups with writing is generating ideas and insecurity so I’ve decided to invest some real time in becoming a legit writer. I did some looking and found out that there are some free online classes that I can take to sharpen my skills as a writer and even some paid classes I can take once I am further along so, that’s what I am going to do.

I’m going to sign up for some online writing classes and keep my eye out for writing workshops in the Houston area.

Have you taken any online writing classes? Which one’s did you take and why? Would you recommend any for beginners?

I’d love to hear from you!

Until next time…

Don’t judge me. You don’t know my life!!!

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