I got energy, got a lot of energy…

What is up beautiful people?!

For a Tuesday, I have a lot of energy and focus. I’m bright eyed, bushy tailed, and full of positive energy and I have only one thing to thank for that.

The gym!

My workouts had been very draining, tedious, and my least favorite time of day. For four days a week I had been literally dragging myself into the free facilities at my job and begrudgingly sweating myself out. I’d return home completely exhausted and ready to eat up everything in sight. But over the weekend, something changed.

After crying and blogging Sunday morning I got up and hit the gym in my apartments. The quality of the equipment there has gone down considerably since I’ve moved in but they have a good working treadmill and a few hand weights that I could get a good burn going with so I went in. The first machine I got on was the one I dread the most. The freaking Cross Ramp.

This son of a bitch!

I had been trying to master this machine for at least 3 weeks and could never seem to stay on it longer than 15 minutes without feeling like my heart was going to explode. So Sunday, I stepped up to it, cranked up my favorite workout playlist and got started on what I thought was going to be another session of me hating my entire life and contemplating the comfort of staying fat.

I set the machine to the programmed fat loss mode and let it do it’s thing. Somewhere during the beginning of my workout my playlist stopped being motivating so I put on an episode of my favorite cartoon Bob’s Burgers. The next thing I know an episode of the show is going off, my face and body is drenched in sweat and I hadn’t even looked at the remaining time on the machine once. After 30 minutes I dismounted to find I had burned 350 calories!

But the fun didn’t stop there. After taking a few minutes to catch my breath I realized I still had a surplus of energy and felt like I could do anything in that moment and so I jumped on the treadmill. Another 30 minutes later I had burned another 300 calories running intervals.

What the heck was happening?

I went home got Tre and we set out for the grocery store. It had been my intention to go buy the things on the meal planned I had found earlier that day but I got distracted as I always do and ended up just picking up a few odds and ends and going back home. Sunday night I got the sleep of a God and woke up Monday morning feeling like I was ready to take on the world.

Things that normally annoyed me to no end at my job were actually quite comical. I had patience, focus, and wasn’t eating every few minutes. But best of all I had energy . So much so that I was super excited to go workout again after work.

So, I did!

This time I decided to take on the Smart Stride machine, another machine I hadn’t been able to stay on for longer than 10 minutes. I set the timer for 30 minutes and was completely prepared to show out like I had the day before. But this time, I struggled. As badly as I wanted to keep going, I ended up tapping out at 27:34. I stepped off feeling like I was going to vomit and tasting iron. I sat on the steps for about 10 minutes feeling like a failure until I looked up and I saw Tre. She was still going STRONG on her machine and I got inspired all over again.

I got up from the steps and went to visit my old friend Mr. Treadmill. I put in 15 minutes there before we called it quits and went home. I remember talking to her last night and telling her that I was thinking about taking today out from the gym since I haven’t taken a rest day since Friday. She seconded the sentiment even as we both were packing our gym bags for today. We had both decided to pack up just in case. 🙂

We spent the rest of the night watching shows on HULU and cracking jokes. A typical Monday night. I fell asleep somewhere during an episode of Happy Endings and woke up promptly at 6 a.m. when her alarm went off. I usually lay around dreading having to get up and get the day started but this morning I sprung from the bed, sleep still crusted in my eyes , but not feeling like I wanted to pass back out. I got dressed for work, kissed Tre goodbye, made my breakfast, and actually got out of the house early for a change.

As soon as I got in I sent Tre a text.:

Looks like the bug has bitten the both of us.

Its amazing what difference just a few minutes, hours, even days can make. Sunday morning I felt low, defeated, and was on the brink of giving up but just that one work out has changed the tone for me. I am so excited and ready to be off work so we can hit the gym together later.

For now though, I need to get back to work so…

Until next time.

Don’t judge me. You don’t know my life!!!

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