Gym Act 2: Back in the habit

“You’re one of the lucky ones” the dentist said to me before launching into his full on assault plan for my mouth.

I went to the dentist Friday because of a cavity in one of my wisdom teeth and I wanted to go ahead and get it pulled.
After all it’s an extra tooth so…

Apparently, not only do I have all of my wisdom teeth , my special ass decided to over achieve and grow an extra one for good measure. That’s right. I had 5 fucking wisdom teeth and all of them fully erupted.

Same as with every other dentist that has had the luxury of looking into my rare mouth, this one was recommending taking out all of my back up teeth. How does he know I won’t need them later for something like, I don’t know, chewing an extra thick ass piece of tree bark.

I declined, of course, because fuck him and the price tag that comes along with him liberating my mouth of its best friends, and we got to work taking care of what I came in to get taken care of. Jimmy and his new buddy Mr. Cavity.

Yes, I named all of my wisdom teeth. We have been through some thangs together. The least I could do was name them. After everything we had gone through together it was time for Jimmy to go since he betrayed me and took on a new best friend. Let that be a warning to the other four left standing. I’ve got my eye on Cameron, he looks like he might be willing to try me too.

Anyway, after 15 minutes, two panic attacks, and $500 because the only thing my insurance covered was the damn cleaning, Jimmy was gone and I was all set to go. We all know I like to be prepared so, before I had gone to see my tormentor I had done some research to see how long I would have to sit the gym out.

I have been making a lot of progress, building up my endurance and strength training and didn’t want to be absent too long. Everything I had read suggested I’d be able to return to my workouts in 24-hours so I went in without hesitation to have my tooth pulled. What I found out after the fact is that the 24 hour suggestion doesn’t apply to everybody. I opted not to take any of the medicines prescribed to me for pain. As a result, I have been feeling every throb, ache, and pain. Combine the fact that I could barely eat anything over the weekend and there was no way I was going to the gym and so…

I’ve been PRESSED.

But that all ends today. Even though I still am not feeling like my mouth is healed up enough to hit my cardio / resistance training routine at full intensity, I will have my happy ass in the gym this afternoon for a leisurely hour walk on the treadmill.

There has been a bonus to this whole ordeal though. I lost a pound from not being able to open my mouth to put food in it.

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Well, the powers that be have made it back in the office from their meeting so I gotta go do some real work.

Until next time…

Don’t judge me. You don’t know my life!!!

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