Hear me roar!

Guess who hit the gym today, for the first time in a week?

This girl!


I was still nervous and hesitant getting back into my cardio heavy routine since I just got cleared from the dentist yesterday but today was amazing! The first machine I got on was my old buddy the cross ramp machine and it was like I had never left. Within 5 minutes I was feeling the burn in my thighs and I had the biggest smile on my face. The light of that smile did slightly dim towards the end of my session while sweat was pouring from my face and I had to dig deep to bang out the last few minutes. I put in 30 minutes on the treadmill which basically delivered the coup de gras on my new hairstyle. I left looking like a wet dog but feeling like a million bucks.

See! It was cute as shit right? Doesn’t look like this anymore 🤷🏽‍♀️

The girl is BACK Y’ALL!

I had another great accomplishment today guys.

I finally finished my blanket!! I’m so proud of myself.

I know, I know. It’s super gay but to be fair, I started this in a different headspace lol.

I am out here flourishing on my blackout and I’m strongly considering extending my hiatus.

I’m writing more, truly focusing on things instead of just nodding in agreement, I am interacting with people on a more invested level, I finished my freaking blanket, have maintained a 1300 calorie diet and I have lost 5lbs! I still haven’t made any progress in the writing class I signed up for but I am going to get into it.

Well, I’m about to get back into these reruns of Grown-ish.

(I basically couldn’t wait to share with you guys that I finished the blanket. 😁)

I’m sure I’ll be back tomorrow to share with you all why I caved and re-installed Tumblr on my phone.

Until next time…
Don’t judge me. You don’t know my life!!!

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