I stopped running

This isn’t one of those intentionally facetious titles that trick you into opening an article. I’m not about to go into some deeply philosophical shit about facing past traumas or anything like that. The title is literal as fuck.

I had been doing so well with running and training for my 5k. I was eating right and had started losing some weight. Then I had a menstrual cycle from hell that ended it all for a solid ass month. I haven’t seen the inside of a gym or even strapped on my workout shoes and it shows on the scale. But! That all changes tomorrow morning.

When I woke up today I lay in bed for almost an hour feeling absolutely drained and void of any desire to do anything. I finally forced myself from bed at about 6:50 to start getting ready to go to work. Today was already gearing up to be an energy drain from lack of mental stimulation in my current job role but regardless of my feelings about my job I knew I still had to go so, what did I do? I booted up Homecoming on Netflix, stepped into my pre-planned outfit and made myself some coffee. I admit I’ve watched this “documentary” at least four times since it’s debut two weeks ago and while I enjoyed it for the theatrical display that it is, this morning was perhaps the first time I identified with the work as a cultural call to be proud of my heritage. All of a sudden I was filled with energy loudly singing off key along with Beyonce’ while I attached my drawstring ponytail and washed my face. I watched, listened, and sang while I walked out the door and got into the car. Still in the zone and unable to tear my ears away from the performance I cued up the soundtrack and blared that through the car speakers bouncing, singing and dancing my way to work.

I made it into the office and I was feeling great. The sun was shining through the frosted windows of the conference room adjacent to my desk. The sunlight is definitely needed today.

I don’t have shit to do today so I pulled up my Google Play work out play list and got started in on a game of solitaire. Three songs in and I was pumped right back to my Beyonce’ levels and all my body wanted to do was go for a run. A wave of energy coursed through me as the intro to Collard Greens – Schoolboy Q feat. Kendrick Lamar began to play. Something about this song makes me want to break out in full run. The way my feet slam against the pavement in perfect time to the beat, the sway of my hips to the rhythmic voice of Kendrick, all the memories coming flooding back into my brain and I just want to go for a run!

So, tomorrow morning I am going to get up, lace up, and hit the track strong. It’s probably gonna be the most intensely long cardio trip I’ve ever gone on since I have been out of practice for a month but I am determined to leave three miles behind before I even think about going back home.

It’s funny how music can move you to so many things, and take you so many places.

Until next time…

Don’t judge me. You don’t know my life!!!

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