Before I die.

Strange that I’ve never created a bucket list before. Even as I am preparing to write this I am uncertain of what it is I would like to do before I die. On a lot of the bucket lists I’ve seen, either online or on t.v shows, they all seem to have a common theme. “Hey, what can I do that gets me the closet to death without actually dying?” I’m not interested in any of the parts of that. With thrill seeking out the window where does that leave me?

Where’s this coming from?

I’ve started myself on another challenge, that I’m already failing at because I got ahead of myself and didn’t plan my time out. That’s just straight up out of character for me. If you know me, you know how big of a deal that is.

Moving on.

I found a thirty day writing prompt challenge online that I can do by myself and my intention was to write everyday using one of those prompts. I set the foundation to be great. I went through and saved all of the prompts into new blog posts so that it would be easy to scroll through my drafts, pick a topic, and start writing. That went great for the first day but what I neglected to plan for was my move on Friday and so, nothing got posted. Then on Saturday, I realized I had the opportunity to sit down and write something but I decided to take the easy out. My internet won’t be transferred over to the new place for a few days so I only have access to my website through my cellphone and that is not an ideal place to try to write and edit an entry. Instead of pulling out my laptop and doing exactly what I’m doing right now which is writing on OneNote offline, I just decided it wasn’t worth the effort to write at all. I was on that bullshit.

It’s now Sunday and the writing gods made the decision for me to sit down and get to business. I got up early to help a friend out and was preparing for her visit when I got a text saying we needed to reschedule. Thanks Writing God! Since I’m up and my coffee hasn’t kicked in enough for me to go for a run I decided to look over those writing prompts and get started on something. There’s 29 more of them for me to choose from and a lot of them are heavily involved. Character creation, plotting storylines, and being imaginative are not things that I have the time for, or am in the right head space to commit to so I decided to shoot for something relatively simple and so, I’ve landed on “Cross an item off your bucket list by doing it in your writing.” . Simple enough right? Well, not for me because while I have thought about a bucket list before once or twice, I’ve never sat down to commit to creating one. I’m sure there are plenty of subconscious reasons for me not doing so but I ain’t got the time or energy to delve into that today.

So here we are. I need a bucket list.

I don’t know what else to do at this point but to start listing some shit out so, here we go:

  • Write and publish a novel.
  • Live a transient lifestyle.
  • Take dance classes and participate in a performance.
  • Room share in New York for a year.
  • Swim in the ocean.
  • Go on a cruise.
  • Read 1,000 books.
  • Take painting classes.
  • Go to a Beyonce’ concert.
  • Run a 10k.
  • Visit another country. Not specific.
  • Take cooking classes.
  • Meet Kanye West when he’s on his Lexapro. (No shade, I take that shit too!)
  • Get off Anti-depressants (Since we talking about it 🙂 )
  • Move out of the South.

Hmmmm. That was surprisingly easier than I thought it would be. (For my first draft)

Technically, I wrote something today even though it isn’t the writing prompt so I get to save that one for another day. Maybe tomorrow since I’ve gone to all this trouble already.

*After post note* I completely forgot about my ability to tether to my cellphones internet. That’s how I was able to get this published today. 🙂

Until next time.

Don’t judge me. You don’t know my life!!!

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