Wanna make God laugh?

Tell her your plans!!

Truth be told, I’ve heard this several times throughout my life. I know better than to speak definitively on anything and yet, I still do it from time to time. Most times I end up having to eat my words. Some time my personal challenges to her turn out to improve upon the person I already am, and will be just what I needed to get through certain situations. For that I am truly thankful. Other times though, its a catastrophe and serves as a reminder to remain humble, stay in my lane, and live within the life that is provided to me from the most high.

Well friends, I come to you head humbly bowed to say that I, again, in my flawed human existence dared God and she, as always, told me to hold her beer as she reminded me who is really in charge of things.

Just last week I was here sharing with you guys our recent decision not to have children. I gave you the in’s and out’s of our decision and left you all with the certainty that we would not be welcoming a new member to our family any time soon. I told God my plans.

This past Sunday was Mother’s day. After talking to my own mom and mother in-law, I went on a texting spree to wish all the other beautiful mother’s I know a wonderful day. I was eating crawfish on my new patio with Tre later that evening when I got a text from my cousin who had just given birth the week prior. After a brief conversation with her, Tre and I decided to go and pay her a visit. She had been re-admitted to the hospital and was missing her new baby girl so we went to keep her company. While there, she asked us the most unexpected question we could have been asked.

Will you guys be Kamery’s God Parents?

My response: “Are you fucking serious?”

Of course she was serious. Tre and I eagerly accepted the honor, and just like that, we became Mother’s on Mother’s Day.

This whole situation was huge for me because I am not very close with any member of my family and so being afforded the opportunity to create a lasting, loving, relationship with a new member means a lot to me. I’m sure that God, in her infinite wisdom, has set me on this path to try and bring me closer to my relatives and I intend to at least try and be present for that to take hold.

It’s funny. Over the years we have discussed and tried multiple ways to have children in our lives. Most recently, considering adoption and none of them felt…right. And now, here we are, parents in the best capacity I think that we can be. So without further ado, Please help me welcome my beautiful God Daughter,

Kamery Kinori Reece

As Kamery’s God mother it is my job to be a mentor, to step in and offer wisdom, and introduce her to new experiences outside of what her parents already provide her with. My role is to be a source of comfort and guidance throughout her life and should something happen to my cousin, step in and do for her the things I feel her mother would want like keeping her spirit alive, and making memories with her in her mother’s honor. I am committing to providing her with love, accountability, patience, and another place to feel safe.

All things I know that I can do.

Until next time.

Don’t judge me. You don’t know my life!!!

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