Hold on to your wig!

June is practically here and the spirit of the Gemini is already on the move through all of you.

June is my favorite month. It’s my birth month, my brother’s birth month, Pride month, smack dab in the middle of the year, the beginning of the summer, and the time of year where I don’t get dirty looks for sitting outside at the pool with a pint of ice cream wedged between my thunder thighs while I read. There’s crawfish boils happening every other weekend, the days are long and hot, kids are out of school so traffic is a dream, and the beaches and pools are packed with eye candy, I can look. She said it’s okay lol.

June is the best month PERIODT.

Every year I celebrate my birthday for the entire month of June and try to out do the previous year’s celebrations by being lazier than the year before, just for the month, and issuing more outrageous diva-esque demands to my friends and wife. They usually take my theatrics and antics in stride and something always happens that we are able to have a good laugh about for the rest of the year because of this.

This year though, I want to switch it up. In keeping in tune with the progress I have already made this year to better myself and my surroundings and to complete the things I’ve started I have decided to dedicate the entire month of June to writing, volunteering, and, furthering the conversation surrounding LGBTQ issues.


Starting June 1st , I will be posting one LGBTQ themed article per day. The articles will vary from highlighting the work being performed in the community by some of the organizations I have registered for as a volunteer, documenting my experiences as a volunteer, recaps and commentary on some of the Pride events I plan to attend this year, sharing art work, commentary, and other works from LGBTQ artist, and my opinion on some of the issues in our community. And the best part about all of that is that I will be tying all of my experiences into the mission of the social club I am working to get off the ground for the black lesbian community in Houston.

A major snag in my plans to get this project off the ground before the end of the year is that I can’t run an entire website dedicated to the education and entertainment of the community by myself but, this month I am going to do my damnest to fill that website up with great content both as a way to get my momentum back up for the cause and to establish the type of content I hope to bring to my future viewership.

That’s right. Ya girl is bout to be out here moving and shaking even more than I already have been and it’s something that I am super excited about.

If you’re a creative back lesbian I’m SURE you’re asking yourself what you can do to be involved in this project with me.

Well Sis! Let me tell you. Email me at The SawyerClubOnline@Gmail.com and tell me how you would like to contribute to the club and/or the website.

That’s quite literally it.

I’m not out here trying to re-invent the wheel.

If our visions align then we can get started working on this thing together today.

But! If I’m gonna get to you, even half of the things I’ve promised in this post I’ve gotta get off here and start doing some research on the blog posts I’ve already planned for you.

Until next time.

Don’t judge me. You don’t know my life!!!

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