2020 Wish List

2020. The year of vision. Is it just me or is anyone else not seeing the vision yet? I know a lot of my friends have already brainstormed, started, and/or finished their vision boards for the year and I’m just sitting here like…

Well! I’m not going to do a vision board or set resolutions this year. I’m just going to list out a few things Id like to do and / or see happen and leave it up to fate, luck, or whatever to bring to me what is for me.

1. Read 20 books

2. Spend more time in the sunlight

3. Visit three different states

4. Write 5 short stories and publish them

5. Learn to line dance

6. Go to a trampoline park

7. Have dinner at a rooftop restaurant

8. Take myself out on a date once a week

9. Take hot yoga classes

10. Run a 10k

11. Change my phone number

12. Go to three cultural festivals

13. Start seeing a therapist

14. Go to a Megan Thee Stallion concert

15. Dance in the rain

16. Spend the weekend in a cabin

17. Take a train ride

18. Learn to paint

19. Get to know myself

20. Retain my hair growth

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