Unconscious Spirituality?

Does such a thing exist?

Can you be an energy warrior unknowingly?

Universal forces have been working in my house. This conversation keeps coming up. Spirituality vs. Religion. Being low vibration vs. Being high vibration. Energy vampires. Karma. reincarnation. Deeper meaning conversations seem to be all that I am having recently. So I’ve been put in a place of questioning my own beliefs and what methods I use to protect my energy.

After some light research it seems there are countless ways to practice spirituality that I would have never attributed to the experience. Things like crocheting, biking, creating, cooking, and even some ways I could readily identify like meditation, aromatherapy, prayer and breath work. I’ve never personally sat down to explore any of these things in depth or at all even. In doing my soft search into the idea today I learned that I have been practicing my own versions of spirituality without intent.

After a particularly hard day of work I prefer to come home and light up all things lavender. Candles, incense you name it. Turns out Lavender is a calming scent. I love to crochet. Turns out, the way I zone out during a blanket creation is meditation. Burning candles when I’m angry serves as me releasing negative energy. I found out today that so many of my little quirks are forms of practicing spirituality but I’m not entirely certain why they are seen in that way. I understand that practices and rituals can release energy or attract energy but how does that bring me closer to an understanding of creation? How do these things bring about a sense of purpose or closeness with a higher power? Am I missing the forest for the trees? Is the sheer act of participating in these activities and the feeling it brings me the whole point? Is spirituality selfish and malleable to the individual experience? Can you be spiritual without intent?

QTNA, but it’s fully rhetorical.

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