Morning meditation, or an excuse to get a nap in?

I call bullshit on morning meditation.

The idea is before your feet hit the ground in the morning, and before you pick up your phone or allow distractions in, you meditate and call a few things you are grateful for.

After calling myself out yesterday for not spending more time meditating, I decided I would try to do something different this morning. As soon as I woke up at six I chose not to pick up my phone and instead lay here and meditate. Well, guess what. It’s six thirty and that was the best thirty minute nap I’ve ever had!

How do people wake up and meditate straight off the bat? Are these the same people who wake up well rested and ready to jump right into their day? I used to be one of those people but that’s not who I am today. So far today I am one of the people who, even as I type this, am contemplating how badly I actually need my job and if it’s worth it to put my job at risk by being late today. Le sigh…

Well. Since I didn’t have success with meditation this morning, I’ll practice my conscious gratitude here.

This morning I am grateful I was allowed another day to try and get it right, whatever IT is.

I am grateful that I have a job to go to, that provides for me.

I am grateful that I am healthy.

I am grateful for coffee.

I am grateful Pepper decided to sleep on the beanbag last night and I didnt wake up in pain.

I am grateful to be of sane mind.

Day one of trying to create a daily meditation and gratitude habit didn’t kick off as well as I thought it would but we made it through. Time to get up and get moving though. I don’t want to be late again today.

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