15 thoughts in 15 minutes

  1. I’m glad I cleaned the kitchen last night. As tired as I was when I came home, I still made time to clean my kitchen and it helped me start off in a positive mood this morning.
  2. I need more than a single cup of coffee to get me into productivity in the mornings. That’s a new reality for me now that i’m in my thirties. I used to silently judge people who seemed to be bragging about their “need” of multiple cups of coffee to make them “human”. I’ve now been humbled by the knowledge that these weren’t bragging statements, they were warnings to keep coffee stocked if you expected to have a pleasant exchange with these people in the mornings, and sometimes afternoons. I am now one of these people. Hey cousins!
  3. Just because creativity isn’t public doesn’t mean it isn’t happening, or invalid. Some of the things that I am most proud to have accomplished haven’t seen the light of day. I had been telling myself I was saving them for this perfect addition, or that perfect scenario but, the more time I have spent with them alone has made me appreciate that they haven’t been published and made available for criticism. As I look back on them now, I notice errors, oversights, etc. but I don’t care about them. They add something to the completed piece overall that had I published, I would have been so neurotic about, I would have removed or corrected and it still wouldn’t have brought me joy.
  4. Traffic is inevitable. On the road and in life. Instead of hurrying to wait I could instead choose to sit in reflection and allow what needs to transpire to take place. I’m one of those people who sits in the car on my way to work in the mornings and yell at the last minute decisions of other drivers. I feel like I am being personally attacked if someone needs to get over in front of me, even if the line of cars isn’t moving. I feel this entitlement. This insistence that if I had to wait in the long line of traffic, other drivers should have to wait their turn to. Don’t inconvenience me because you made poor life decisions. “So no! You can’t get over in front of me because I was here first and you should have thought about what you needed to do before you got to me. So go find someone else to get over in front of, because I was here first. ” There’s is absolutely no reason for this thought process or behavior in life or on the road. What am I rushing to get to? Why do I feel so personally affected by situations I have so much control over? I could just allow the car to get over. I could allow situations to just be what they are and resolve themselves in their own time. I’m sure it would make me a lot less agitated and I’d have more energy to focus on things that matter.
  5. Programming works. I am really considering risking my finances right now to go buy a Peloton. Damn commercials.
  6. I’m about to be late for work but… Sacrifices must be made in the name of creativity.
  7. When presented with the option of instant gratification vs quality, I chose instant gratification almost every time. Perched at the bar in my kitchen I am in plain view of my microwave and my stove. Both exist to make my life easier by warming / cooking food. Even though I know that in almost every situation reheating my food will result in it tasting better, putting less radiation in my body, and will reheat more evenly, I still go for the microwave. Kinda ties into my previous thought about hurrying to wait.
  8. I’m definitely going to be late for work today.
  9. What kind of conversations do dogs actually have with each other? Pepper has a little friend that gets walked by my patio every morning named Snowball. As soon as Pepper sees this little white fluffy dog she goes apeshit. Snowball goes apeshit and often drags her owner into the grass to go and talk to Pepper up close. The dogs go at each other for about two minutes until Snowball’s mom pulls her away to finish their walk. But I wonder. What the hell do they have to say to each other every morning that warrants that kind of closeness. Maybe they are having security briefings like “Is your human good this morning? Anything new to report to command station?”Hhmmm…
  10. I think I’m going to ride to work listening to Everything is love – Beyonce’ and Jay-Z.
  11. I’m late for work. It’s 7:55 and it has taken me way longer than 15 minutes to complete this post but I’m having fun, are you?
  12. My phone just went off and I’m not entirely sure I want to pick it up and see who it is. Almost certainly, it’s an obligation that I am not going to want to fulfill.
  13. When did they put Family Matters back into syndication? This nostalgia trip the entertainment industry has been on is past it’s expiration date. I truly hope they don’t reboot Family Matters. That would suck.
  14. What does curry taste like?
  15. I wish this post didn’t have to end here. I really need to get my ass out of this house. I have a million and one things that need to be handled at work today. My dread for them is probably why I decided to be okay with being late in the first place.

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