In case you forgot…

You can’t forget Valentine’s day and then show up with some lame obvious attempt at redemption from the drug store. That’s sure to get you cursed out or worse, on the couch with no loving. In an attempt to rescue you from Valentine’s day purgatory, here are a few last minute Valentine’s day gift ideas for her or him, and most of these can be put together in 30 minutes or less.

Love Coupons

Got a printer? Great! Don’t have a printer, no worries. This is the digital age, you can send those puppies through email which will actually give you a bit more room for flair. Love coupons are easy to make and don’t cost a lot of money. If you print them at work, which I would never recommend you do, they can even be free. With plenty of free clip art and templates to choose from online, you can whip up some personalized coupons for your cutie in no time. Pro tip: If you are planning to send them digitally be sure to save them as a PDF first so they can’t be altered.

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A jar of handwritten love notes

This is assuming you don’t have the handwriting of a serial killer. This idea only requires a quick stop at a craft store and it can be assembled in the front seat of your car in your driveway. All you need is some valentine’s day themed paper, a pen, a mason jar, and some ribbon and scissors. Cut the paper into strips, the strips can be as big or small as you want, and write a love note on each one. These could be anything from listing your favorite things about them, to telling them all the reasons you appreciate them. Then fold each piece of paper and put it inside the mason jar. Put the lid on the jar and tie the ribbon around the lid. Bonus tip: Add glitter, confetti, or candy to the inside of the jar. You could also decorate the jar with stickers and balloons, or put it in the lap of a teddy bear.

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Treasure Box

This one requires you to have been paying attention to your honey prior to the big day. If you have been, this will be a very simple thing to put together, but depending on your honey, it might get expensive fast. This is another project that will require a trip to a craft store unless you are a hoarder of decorative boxes. All you need to do is fill a decorative box with things you know he or she will like. Things like candy, lotions, perfumes or cologne, the night masks he always steals from you, cigarillo’s, a pack of your favorite t-shirts so she will stop “borrowing” yours, tiny alcohol bottles, condoms, stuff it all inside the decorative box and seal it shut with a red or pink ribbon. Super tip: Pick up a bouquet of flowers or a six pack of beer to go with it.

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But not just any old flowers. Don’t think you’re about to be praised for dragging in some wimpy bouquet from the guy on the corner. If you are going to present your significant other with flowers for valentine’s day you are going to have to come with the heat. Order and have delivered a bouquet of their favorites to their job. Yes, to their job is important! The more magnificent the better. If your guy is not the traditional flower kind of guy, you can whip him up a chicken wing bouquet, candy bouquet, or even a bacon bouquet. YouTube is your friend on this one.

A night of devotion

You know your love better than anyone else. A night of devotion is catering to your partners every desire for the night. Now I know that once some of your pervs hear the word desire, your brain is automatically going to jump to sex but that’s not what I’m talking about here. From the time you walk into the house from work you dedicate all of your attention and time to your partner. You would be surprised the effect of walking in and saying to your spouse “My phone is turned off and I am all yours for the next “x amount” of hours” can have. Just be prepared to stay the course. Your spouse could use this as an opportunity to get you to do the dishes, an endless supply of foot rubs for the night, you may be placed on kid duty, have to sit through a romcom you both have seen a dozen times, watch a history documentary, or it just could be that they want to use you for sex. The idea though, is to offer a night of selflessness. I assure you, you will be rewarded for your efforts if you are genuine in your duty.

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Now this one is going to cost you. But that’s your fault. This one doesn’t need explanation. Here’s a pretty picture to make you feel better about it though. Bonus: Jewelry stores know we all fuck up from time to time and they take pleasure in staying open late to give you more time to truly pay for your fuck up.

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Captured moments

Got any candid photos of your honey in your phone? Good! Print out those unexpected beauties at your favorite drug store, most of them have one hour pick up, and head on over to your local craft store. Hobby Lobby has a frame department that will help you drop in standard sized photo’s into collage frames for a minimal fee if any. Now look, all those borderline creepy photo’s of her or him sleeping, laughing uncontrollably, or with food on their face will come in handy. This gift will really impress your partner if you can articulate your reasoning for capturing these moments. Now, I know that sounds very close to me encouraging you to lie but I promise I’m not. Just think of it as romantic story telling.

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Surprise date night

Let’s say somehow you have managed to go through the whole day and not noticed that it is Valentine’s Day. You get home from a long day at work to find your honey being…weird. You walk into your bedroom and see there are rose petals on the bed and your mind starts to race. Just then your boo pops up behind you with a big shit eating grin on their face as they wish you a happy valentine’s day and hand you a gift. SHIT! What do you do now? Don’t panic. A surprise date night will work great in a pinch.

All you have to do is tell your partner you are taking them on a surprise date that night. Now the restaurants will be packed along with movie theaters and every place else made commercially romantic for the occasion. But you my good friend have me to help you. Once your boo is dressed appropriately for the weather and you two are all snuggled up in the car it’s time to get your finesse on, add to the mystery of the night by insisting you want to keep the location a secret right up until the moment you arrive. Time to pull out that good ole blindfold from your sex box. I know you have one…mmmhhhmmm.

A quick stop by the drugstore will yield you all the things you need to put on a romantic candlelight dinner at your favorite park or on the roof of your car in a romantic spot around town. This idea even works if they have already cooked. They will be so eager to see what the surprise is they will help you pack the dinner to go. Worse case scenario, you can order delivery to wherever you are, most drivers will even help you with extra things you might have missed for a nice tip. Shady, yet effective.

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Now see, there’s plenty of things you can do for your boo right up until the last minute, and afterwards, to express your love without them even knowing you forgot about the day designated for it. Let me know if you decide to use any of the above and what reaction you got. I hope you all have a happy, safe, and fun valentine’s day!

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