12 years a wife

It’s our anniversary!

For twelve years I have had the luxury of calling this woman my wife. In our time together we have shared so many things. We’ve been through so many phases.

You remember the baggy clothes phase?

The yep in my white tee phase?

Happy crunchy and black phase?

We’ve celebrated together.

We’ve traveled.

We’ve grown together.

We’ve partied.

We’ve shown our pride.

We’ve goofed off.

We’ve been skinny.

We’ve survived horrible cellphone camera pictures.

We’ve gamed

We’ve learned.

We’ve loved.

We’ve lived.

Our family has grown

We’ve seen rough days

We’ve seen great days

I didn’t know that first day that I walked into Sam’s club that I would find my person. My best friend. My future.

I truly cherish every conversation we’ve had. Every memory we have made. Every journey we have taken. Every fight. Every make up. Every bump, bruise, and scrape. Every tear of joy. Every victory and failure. Every aux cord you’ve replaced cause I ain’t shit lol. I appreciate the lessons you’ve taught me. All the friend chicken you’ve bought me. Every kiss. They love you’ve shown me. The support you’ve given me.

I love you Tremaine.

Here’s to 12 more years of friendship and love. Happy Anniversary!!

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