Is love a choice?

Tumblr always has the best little thought nuggets that inspire.

I came across this post today:

And now I’m thinking back over every time that I have felt love and shared the feeling.

Have I been making conscious decisions to love every person, place, or thing, that I’ve loved?

According to psychologists, love is a choice.

Well that just sucks now doesn’t it. If love is a choice, there is no excuse for making bad life decisions. You can’t blame love for allowing yourself to stay in toxic relationships. You can’t blame love as the motivator for violence. Love can’t be the scapegoat that satisfies the reasoning of shitty situations.

Love. I say this word so many times a day. I love the breakfast taco at What-a-burger. I love my over the knee boots. I love Harry Potter movies. I love, love, love. In these examples I can see how love is a choice. I choose to love these inanimate objects but how does that carry over to people?

How do you make the conscious decision to love someone? I mean, I get the quotes and the ideology behind love being a choice you continue to make while inside the confines of a long term relationship. The whole, “You choose to love your partner every day.”, bit. I understand but, what about the initial fall, walk, or cha cha slide into love?

You meet Mr. or Mrs. wonderful. You talk. You vibe. You share. At what point do you choose to love that person? It’s usually some epiphany when its portrayed or felt. Some AHA! moment. It never seems to be a decided factor. Something that was specifically sat down, pondered and decided. Maybe love isn’t a conscious choice.

I don’t know.

Love. Hmph. 🤷🏽‍♀️

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