Terry Newsome Jr.

I feel like you woke me up this morning. Like you came to tell me goodbye. How else can I explain why I was up and on Facebook at 3:00am? I haven’t been on there in months. One of the first things that I see when I log in is a rest in peace post dedicated to Boogie. I just knew it wasn’t you. It couldn’t be you. Must be some other Boogie. Right?

Right before we had the bartender take this photo you lost a bet that I couldn’t get her phone number. She said we made a cute couple. We took this picture being funny. We were lit as fuck that night.

Your wall is flooded with memories. Condolences to your family. And wishes from friends and family that you are resting in peace.

One of the last times we talked you told me about your family and mine. We talked about the music you were creating. We talked about my blog. We talked about your battle with PTSD. We talked at length about how you were coping. We talked about your poetry. We also talked about how you not shit. We talked about me not being shit. We talked about getting bitches. We talked about the good old high school days. We talked about getting this guap. We talked about your children. We talked about life.

High School Terry.

We used to talk so much.

You were my first male friend. You didn’t look at me as anything more than a big sister. You were funny. Incredibly smart. Charismatic. Honest. Hardworking. Loyal. You were my friend Terry. You carried me through some really dark times. You were strength.

I came home to Louisiana for my brother’s graduation. You snuck off base to give me the keys to your house so I wouldn’t have to get a hotel room. There was money everywhere in that house from your tattoo stash.

I am shattered to learn that you lost your battle with PTSD a week ago.

Your funeral is today.

Your family is with you now.

The rest of your friends are preparing to come and say their final goodbyes to you and here I am just learning that I won’t hear your voice anymore. I won’t be able to give you shit about that damn gold grill in your mouth. No more spending hours on the phone talking about your life in Dallas.

You’re gone.

And I’m here. Your family is here. Your friends are here.

There’s so many wishes. So many things to say.

I loved you friend! I still love you friend.

My second favorite memory with you. You came to spend Thanksgiving with me. This was the night you taught me how to play Call of Duty while we chain smoked Newport’s, got drunk as fuck, ate gumbo, and stayed up literally all night talking. I had a hangover from hell the next day. You remember I had to tell you to put your gun away just to take this picture lol?

I can only imagine the battle you were fighting. When we talked you only shared small pieces of your experiences with me but I know there must have been so much more for you to have made the decision that you made.

I want to be so mad at you but I can’t.

I hope you found peace.

You were loved. You are loved. You are missed.

Rest in light friend.

One thought on “Terry Newsome Jr.

  1. Beautifully written❤❤❤❤ Take those memories and hold them close to your heart and know that you honor his life and legacy by remembering him just the way you knew him..

    Liked by 1 person

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