Coffee: Gabrielle Chapter 3

"Damn boo, whatever he said must have been too real, you haven't even complained about my music. Spill it." She said. "I can't even begin to go into it." I said with a sigh. "Let me get a cup of coffee in my hands first. How'd the date with James go last night?" I asked trying to put her … Continue reading Coffee: Gabrielle Chapter 3

Coffee: Zoe Chapter 2

As I walk into the dimly lit space I take a deep breath appreciating the aroma of the fresh coffee beans stored in glass canisters along the wall. Just the smell of coffee is energizing to me and one of the perks I most enjoy about owning a cafe. I hit the light switch next to the … Continue reading Coffee: Zoe Chapter 2

Coffee: Gabrielle Chapter 1

I could hear her screaming before I got close to her dressing room. I made it down the hall just as her make-up artist and personal assistant, Jeremy, moved quickly out of the door. A loud crash followed. "What's wrong now?" I asked, the irritation in my voice barely masked. The large studded women's sun glasses, hot pink hair, and flawless make-up … Continue reading Coffee: Gabrielle Chapter 1