A long road traveled – Day 3

Where we last left off, I was still twitching like a crackhead in need of a social media hit. I'm glad to report that the itch is dying down and I'm instead looking for more productive ways to spend my time. After a quick workout yesterday Tre and I made an impromptu visit to one … Continue reading A long road traveled – Day 3

Come and Gone – Day 2

As soon as I woke up yesterday the first thing I did was roll over and reach for my phone. I desperately want to say I had done so to check the time but, honesty must prevail and so I admit, it was to check social media. It took me a few minutes to remember … Continue reading Come and Gone – Day 2

National Taco Day!

Here's 10 reasons why I love tacos: They are great any time of the day. You can make anything into a taco. Have you ever seen a spaghetti taco? There's no wrong way to make one. You can make so many for so little money. Beef Fajita meat. They can be a dessert. Fruit filled, … Continue reading National Taco Day!

I made it through the day, now what?

As you can tell from the previous posts, today has been a hard day to get through but I've made it home from work, eaten and gotten comfortable on the couch without cursing anyone out or crying again. I've been meaning to sit down and watch Nappily Ever After to do a review but I … Continue reading I made it through the day, now what?

7 Things I’ve learned in my 10 year relationship.

Tre and I have spent a decade together. We met when we were in our early twenties, at the time where neither of us really knew who we were yet. We definitely didn't know that this is where we would wind up all these years later. In addition to her being my very best friend … Continue reading 7 Things I’ve learned in my 10 year relationship.