Here's the thing about grief. It has a way of bringing out the best in people. For those of you who read the blog yesterday, you know that my dear friend's funeral was yesterday and that I didn't find out that he had passed until yesterday. When I checked Facebook at 3 am and found … Continue reading Grief

Is love a choice?

Tumblr always has the best little thought nuggets that inspire. I came across this post today: And now I'm thinking back over every time that I have felt love and shared the feeling. Have I been making conscious decisions to love every person, place, or thing, that I've loved? According to psychologists, love is a … Continue reading Is love a choice?

Click clack

Why is it you never notice how loud a clock ticks until you are focused on the sound? After reading a few chapters of a book I've been working on, I decided to take a lap through the blog world to see if inspiration would strike for a post tonight. As I scrolled through different … Continue reading Click clack

So you’re alone for Valentine’s day…

Despite your best efforts, you've managed to convince exactly 0 people that you'd rather spend time alone for the lover's holiday. You are secretly resenting the fact that everyone with someone will be showing out for their special someone. You won't be able to find peace anywhere. Not at work, not the grocery store, the … Continue reading So you’re alone for Valentine’s day…