In case you forgot…

You can't forget Valentine's day and then show up with some lame obvious attempt at redemption from the drug store. That's sure to get you cursed out or worse, on the couch with no loving. In an attempt to rescue you from Valentine's day purgatory, here are a few last minute Valentine's day gift ideas … Continue reading In case you forgot…

15 thoughts in 15 minutes

I'm glad I cleaned the kitchen last night. As tired as I was when I came home, I still made time to clean my kitchen and it helped me start off in a positive mood this morning.I need more than a single cup of coffee to get me into productivity in the mornings. That's a … Continue reading 15 thoughts in 15 minutes


Today has been quite possibly the best day of my recent adult life. I started today by waking up when I felt like waking up. There was no subliminal unconscious alarm clock that set me into motion today. There wasn't some nagging obligation in the back of my mind motivating me to sleep light enough … Continue reading Saturday

Fish fry at Longfellow

For as long as I can remember I have had an obsession with knives and cutting things. Not in a weird creepy serial killer kind of way but, I like the moment between when a knife slices through your skin and the blood pours out. The delay between the cut and the blood is what … Continue reading Fish fry at Longfellow

Morning meditation, or an excuse to get a nap in?

I call bullshit on morning meditation. The idea is before your feet hit the ground in the morning, and before you pick up your phone or allow distractions in, you meditate and call a few things you are grateful for. After calling myself out yesterday for not spending more time meditating, I decided I would … Continue reading Morning meditation, or an excuse to get a nap in?