Fish fry at Longfellow

For as long as I can remember I have had an obsession with knives and cutting things. Not in a weird creepy serial killer kind of way but, I like the moment between when a knife slices through your skin and the blood pours out. The delay between the cut and the blood is what … Continue reading Fish fry at Longfellow

Morning meditation, or an excuse to get a nap in?

I call bullshit on morning meditation. The idea is before your feet hit the ground in the morning, and before you pick up your phone or allow distractions in, you meditate and call a few things you are grateful for. After calling myself out yesterday for not spending more time meditating, I decided I would … Continue reading Morning meditation, or an excuse to get a nap in?

Creature of habit

January isn't the start of a new year for me. Seems I don't get into the whole "New year, new me" mindset until around February. During last year's new me episode I went on hiatus from social media, took up running, signed up to run in a race, scheduled fun activities to explore the city, … Continue reading Creature of habit

Sitting on the toilet

The most time I spend on my phone all day is when I'm sitting on the toilet in the morning. The first thing I do when I wake up everyday is roll over and reach for my phone. This usually pisses Pepper off since she oftentimes gets accidentally kicked because she likes to fall asleep … Continue reading Sitting on the toilet

Unconscious Spirituality?

Does such a thing exist? Can you be an energy warrior unknowingly? Universal forces have been working in my house. This conversation keeps coming up. Spirituality vs. Religion. Being low vibration vs. Being high vibration. Energy vampires. Karma. reincarnation. Deeper meaning conversations seem to be all that I am having recently. So I've been put … Continue reading Unconscious Spirituality?