I need a cigarette

I miss packing a fresh pack and using the little gold line to open them. I miss the burst of tobacco and mint fragrance that emerges from the box as soon as you flip the top, and the small struggle to wiggle the first stick loose from the rest of its friends. I miss the … Continue reading I need a cigarette

Coffee Chapter 7: Gabrielle

I made it to Walter’s office early for our meeting. He had already skipped out on the first two appointments I had made with him but this one, I felt like he’d keep. He couldn’t flake this time. Especially not after getting the email I'd sent him the last time he’d left me sitting in his … Continue reading Coffee Chapter 7: Gabrielle

I stopped running

This isn't one of those intentionally facetious titles that trick you into opening an article. I'm not about to go into some deeply philosophical shit about facing past traumas or anything like that. The title is literal as fuck. I had been doing so well with running and training for my 5k. I was eating … Continue reading I stopped running

She thinks she wants kid’s.

Tre expressed her desire to have a child two days ago and I have begun to do what I always do when I am presented with a task. I have become hyper vigilant about finding a way to make her desire a reality. I have spent the better part of the day online researching the … Continue reading She thinks she wants kid’s.

Mardi Gras, Vintage Hip Hop Flea Market, & 242 Pub.

Hey Guys! What's been up? I hope you had a chance to enjoy your weekend before the cold front blew in. The good lord knows I did. I went a bunch of places this weekend and experienced a lot of cool things and as promised I've come to tell you all about them. Mardi Gras … Continue reading Mardi Gras, Vintage Hip Hop Flea Market, & 242 Pub.