Update* This blog post was written MONTHS ago and was just sitting in que. I just so happened to stumble across it while weeding through some of my other ideas and it gave me quite the chuckle. Maybe you will find it comical too.  Enjoy! I remember when my mom gave birth to all of … Continue reading Kids

Fuckgirls in this world

So I watched a video today on YouTube entitled Amanda Seales' Guide to Fuckboys and I LIVED through it. In her homegirl to homegirl breakdown of what makes a fuckboy, I couldn't help but laugh through some of her descriptions. Now I don't have much experience with fuckboys, or any really, that I can … Continue reading Fuckgirls in this world

Brunch, twerking in the kitchen, and chilling.

    I had brunch at the Toasted Yolk yesterday with Heaven. We got to talk more about some things she's been working through. Then we went to get froyo, YUM. Oh! And I got hit on for the first time in YEARS! So, that was exciting. I finally mustered up the energy and desire … Continue reading Brunch, twerking in the kitchen, and chilling.


  After waking without the assistance of an alarm at a super late 7:15 am, I lay in bed listening to the smooth sounds of the morning news. Nothing motivates me to get out of bed faster than the fake upbeat voices of the morning broadcasters trying to convince you that they are different from … Continue reading Lazy