Brunch, twerking in the kitchen, and chilling.

    I had brunch at the Toasted Yolk yesterday with Heaven. We got to talk more about some things she's been working through. Then we went to get froyo, YUM. Oh! And I got hit on for the first time in YEARS! So, that was exciting. I finally mustered up the energy and desire … Continue reading Brunch, twerking in the kitchen, and chilling.


  After waking without the assistance of an alarm at a super late 7:15 am, I lay in bed listening to the smooth sounds of the morning news. Nothing motivates me to get out of bed faster than the fake upbeat voices of the morning broadcasters trying to convince you that they are different from … Continue reading Lazy


Warning: If you are sensitive to the topic or can not handle reading about someone else's experience without feeling personally attacked, this is not for you. I repeat, this is my experience, not an attack on any person. I've been trying for a good little while now, not to go into this. Partly because I … Continue reading Perspective

They can’t all be winners

So far, I'd like to think I've painted a pretty sweet picture of being married for you. I've talked a little about the in's and out of our relationship and I've even given you some reasons why I love my wife to pieces. However. We ain't exempt from the fuckery that is marriage. (Yeah, I … Continue reading They can’t all be winners

5 reasons why I love being black, lesbian, and married.

Who doesn't wanna be black (unless you don't)? What, with our gorgeously unique hair, popping skin, cultural contributions, and natural affinity for improving everything we touch, I wouldn't want to be any other race. The look on traditionalists faces when I reach for my wife's hand in public or plant a juicy kiss on her … Continue reading 5 reasons why I love being black, lesbian, and married.