I decided to go on this writing journey primarily out of necessity. I was word vomiting everywhere on everyone who would listen. I was making my problems everyone else's because I wasn't feeling validated and I honestly didn't recognize that I was doing it. Once I cleaned the lenses of my glasses and give myself … Continue reading Popular


Who told you that?

There are so many stereotype's about lesbians that I almost didn't know where to begin. I did a couple of web searches while trying to do research for this post and it seems that everyone is addressing the exact same stereotypes as if there aren't a plethora untruths to unfurl. I'm not claiming to be … Continue reading Who told you that?

Hers is better

One of the perks of being in our lesbian relationship is the surplus of bonus goodies that come with the privilege. I stay taking her stuff and she stays mad while enabling me to do it. Here's a list of my top favorite things of hers to borrow without asking. T-Shirts I think this one … Continue reading Hers is better

Sunday @ Hamburger Mary’s

So I got a text today that changed my life! My friend Alysia invited my wife and I to have lunch with her at Hamburger Mary's. Not knowing what the place was, I googled it. Glancing briefly at the website I figured the place was gay and lesbian friendly. I assumed that the serving staff … Continue reading Sunday @ Hamburger Mary’s

All women know how to give good head!

  Why is this such a popular stereotype? All of the stereotypes I am familiar with have an origin story. Like the one about black people and watermelon, and black people and fried chicken, and black people.... well, I think you get the point. So I am very curious where this one came from. Who … Continue reading All women know how to give good head!