If I didn’t ask…

I almost let someone else's opinion of my hair change my mind about my hair.

The Lion and the twins

I'm a Gemini. As Gemini as any Gemini could ever be. I am communicative, outgoing, high spirited, sociable and restless. It takes me longer than most people to come to a decision about anything because I have this uncontrollable need to fully vet all possible outcomes before I move forward. This sometimes results in my … Continue reading The Lion and the twins


Warning: If you are sensitive to the topic or can not handle reading about someone else's experience without feeling personally attacked, this is not for you. I repeat, this is my experience, not an attack on any person. I've been trying for a good little while now, not to go into this. Partly because I … Continue reading Perspective

Coffee: Gabrielle Chapter 5

I came home after the revision meeting with the new lead for The Tea to find a bouquet of lilies on my doorstep from Emory. My heart skipped a beat when I saw the beautiful arrangement and read the card she sent with them. I hadn't heard a word from Emory since the night of … Continue reading Coffee: Gabrielle Chapter 5