Coffee: Gabrielle Chapter 3

"Damn boo, whatever he said must have been too real, you haven't even complained about my music. Spill it." She said. "I can't even begin to go into it." I said with a sigh. "Let me get a cup of coffee in my hands first. How'd the date with James go last night?" I asked trying to put her … Continue reading Coffee: Gabrielle Chapter 3


The gas light in my car. The heat in Houston, Texas. The importance of deep conditioner. Chloe x Halle - The Kids Are Alright album Women who can grow a perfect afro. Drake, for being so damn emotional in public. Thick women who show their midriff with confidence. Jess Hilarious for constantly getting on camera … Continue reading Revere

The girls will.

So I finally got to hang out with one of my best friends Friday night and it was much needed. She's been working hard completing her master's degree and we hadn't hung out in a while. I was through the roof when she called last week to say she had some free time coming up … Continue reading The girls will.

Get in my belly!

I've been eating my feelings. I feel myself slowly slipping back into depression and I can't stand it! Some days I wish I was still a smoker or at the very least a drinker. Both of which were my self medications of choice. Since deciding that I want to live longer, I've been trying to … Continue reading Get in my belly!

I’m Upset

Bruh, let me tell you. I was out here enjoying my day. I played nicely with others and I didn't even need to resort to my go to my personal negro spirituals on my lunch break. I LIVED. I embraced the non watered down version of myself today and even kept to my pledge to … Continue reading I’m Upset